The Undeniable Benefits Of Quitting Dating Apps

(Last Updated On: 09/18/2019)

quitting dating appsAs someone how dedicated dozens of in-depth articles and vidoes on online dating tips – from writing a compelling profile to communicating in a way that would establish an intriguing connection – I cannot deny the three simple and very important benefits of quitting dating apps.  These benefits can be especially significant for women:

1. You will likely be more proactive about meeting men (and women) in person

Extensive use of online dating apps has made you passive and complacent when it comes to meeting people out there, in the real world. Once you deactivate your dating apps, you will no longer have the option of meeting people online. You will therefore won’t be able to rely on the dating apps be forced or at least strongly encouraged to be more outgoing in real life situations, because, like in the past – you will not have any other options. If there is an opportunity to talk to someone at a cafe, party, or anywhere else, you will take it more seriously and you will show more initiative when you know that you don’t have messages, winks or matches waiting for you in your inbox.

2. Your connections with new people will be more compelling.

Even though in the end it often doesn’t really matter how you meet someone, the emotional impact of meeting someone in the real world is far superior. All things equal, that first conversation with the person you just met will be far more memorable if done in person than in any type of online chat.

3. You will not be overwhelmed by having too many options.   

One of the terrible downsides of online dating is being overwhelmed with too many options. This is naturally confusing, especially for women, because nearly all of them get more matches with men than they can handle. Repeated interactions and random dates with people you don’t really like discourage you and make you jaded. Once you stop meeting people online, the amount of people you meet and go out with will go down and will be quite limited, no matter how attractive you are and how colorful your social life is. Quitting dating apps will leave you with more time and emotional space to focus on getting to know fewer people, which you actually initially liked when you met.

You may be thinking that you have no chance of meeting people in real life because everyone relies on dating apps these days. It might be so in your specific community, or maybe not. However, it can’t hurt to get off of online dating for at least a couple of months to see how this changes your behavior and your dating experience.

You may also be wondering why I noted above that the benefits of quitting dating apps are more significant to women. The reason is simple – a woman behavior determines whether she will meet men in real life much more than a man’s behavior. No matter how friendly, confident and outgoing a man is, he will still encounter resistance from women, especially since women are not nearly as used to being approached in person anymore. However, when a woman’s behavior changes and she acts more friendly and approachable, this will necessarily provide the men around her more confidence to make a move.

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