An Excerpt from Another Great OkCupid Profile (Unedited)

(Last Updated On: 08/04/2014)

great okcupid profile example

Here is an example of a great okcupid profile written by a girl, which can be a useful inspiration for any guy or a woman who is working on making his/her profile more interesting and more compelling:

My self-summary:

  • went to philosophy school, and all i got was this lousy tautology.
  • Not so interested in small talk unless it’s cased in clever metaphor.
  • i mostly rely on gravitational pull to guide my relationships, and i fall on my face a lot as a result.
  • i touch people when i talk to them.
  • when it comes to men, i suck at following social convention and tend to do or say what i feel when i feel it. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. but it always intoxicates.
  • musical theatre makes me giddy.
  • i am perpetually awed and humbled by the incomprehensible wonder of science, wish i could have known carl sagan, and often daydream of how it will feel to finally witness the aurora borealis with my own eyes.
  • reading is terribly sexy; i consider trading favorite books foreplay.
  • i have an uncanny talent for finding others’ misplaced objects by running them through my brain’s extensive catalog of mental images; but i can’t remember people’s names for shit.
  • i care deeply for “the little things” and appreciate them daily.
  • i look at the “okcupid” logo and i read it as “okstupid” every. single. time. no doubt, Freud would have something to say about that.
  • i am not “cool” and have zero aspirations of appearing so. my eyes dance when i’m excited; i laugh when something is funny; and i enjoy giving sincere compliments freely. i suspect those who act aloof as a rule, are probably crying themselves to sleep at night.
  • my belief in a world of endless opportunity challenged the sincerity of my desire for true happiness, and they’ve been dueling for honor ever since.
  • my words are hard, but my smile is soft.

What I am doing with my life:

i think of fun ways to help brands get 392470219 likes on Facebook. hocking luxury cars and protein bars ain’t my life’s passion — it’s the strategy of it that draws me. storytelling. the reaching out to strangers and inviting them to reach back… but yo, that shit is stressful! and at least once a day, i think i should have been a park ranger. that is, my job takes up a lot of my time and energy. and because my type A is more like a C minus, it’s easy for me to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or forget to have a social life. (part of the reason why i’m here. help?)

but i AM stealing spare moments to build something fun and exciting with a friend, on the side: a mobile game app (the new “rock climbing,” am i right?). it’s a pretty unique concept with lots of room to scale(…) most importantly, it’s a game that will help people help themselves.

i have aspirations of learning capoeira. my bike tires need air.

Obviously, what makes this profile so great is that it’s conveys wit, sense of humor, and eloquence of its writer. And above all, it’s very original and as far from being cliche as a profile can be.  For more examples of great online dating profiles, please check out our “Powerful Online Dating Profiles” guide.

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