“So, What Do You Do?

A friend recently unmatched a girl on hinge because in response to asking her what kind of food she likes and otherwise hinting at asking her out, she responded with just “What do you do?” He thought it was so lame and uncalled for that he immediately deleted their chat as he just couldn’t see himself continuing to talk to her. While this reaction appears to be extreme, in this jaded world – it’s understandeable. Yes, it’s true that there is nothing per se wrong with asking someone about their career, but the timing really matters. As bad of an idea as it is to make this your first question with someone you just met (whether while messaging or on a date), blurbing “what do you do?” out of context and acting like you didn’t hear or didn’t even care to hear what the other person said is even more of a turn-off.

The good news is that in this era of ever spreading ADD all around us, taking a few extra seconds to listen to the other person or read what they wrote and make your response count might just appear quite thoughtful and attractive and help you develop your converastion naturally instead of making it go nowhere and die


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