A Simple Way to Spice Up Your First (or Second) Date

(Last Updated On: 03/22/2013)

date ideas dancingThere are many simple ways to bring excitement into your dates and make yourself stand out from most or all the other guys that the woman you go with ever met went out with. One source of ideas on how to make your dates more interesting are movies. Even the cheesy movies have simple but fun ideas that you can incorporate into your own dates.

“The Notebook” is a chick-flick that most guys will not bother to watch. However, it demonstrates one very powerful way to make your dates with someone you like more romantic. If you are out with a girl and this is your first or a second date and things go well as you hang out, take a walk together in a quiet, intimate area, and as you walk, having a good time laughing and exchanging all kinds of thoughts thoughts, stop for a moment, look her in the eye and say: “come here.” Don’t explain what for. If she asks, just say “just come here”. As she approaches you, hold her hands and say “dance with me” and dance with her slowly on the for a few moments. Few things are more romantic than holding each other gently and moving around while standing in a middle of a quiet street or at a park.  Not every woman will appreciate it, but the one who likes you and who you like should be able to enjoy this simple gesture as much as you do.

Try it on your next date! Dancing in random places is one of those few very simple things that cost nothing that anyone can do to make their date more fun and to bring more sexual tension into that interaction.

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