How To Deal With Confused Women Who Don’t Know What They Want (Video)

(Last Updated On: 01/15/2017)

Yesterday, one of the viewers of my Youtube channel asked a great question about how to deal with women who are confused and who don’t really know what they want. He was specifically referring to women who say that they are ok with dating him casually, but then end up developing emotions, which eventually leads to some type of dramatic falling out or a heartbreak. This is a very important question, as I believe that men will continue to have to deal with women who are confused and there is just no way to avoid them in today’s world. And, as the world of internet, social, and online dating become more pervasive, the likelihood of running into confused women will only become greater.

In the video below I make a few observation about why both men and women experience this type confusion, which are important to keep in mind, so that you better understand both, the actions of others as well as your own emotions:


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