How to Become A Free And Truly Independent Woman

(Last Updated On: 01/11/2017)

truly independent womanWhat does it mean being a truly independent woman? For many guys, the term “independent” has a negative connotation when it comes to women – it implies an ultra feminist, power hungry, entitled, bitchy female, who is possible on a power trip, and who will challenge the guy she is dating on just about everything. Even though sadly this is often true, it doesn’t have to be, because being obsessed with being dominant is not what being truly independent means.

I believe that women can and should adopt a different type of independence – the one that will lead them to feeling genuinely free. Here are just a few random but fundamental things that women should consider in order to be or become truly independent:

  • Do you wear what you truly want, or what you think you should wear to prove something to others or to the society. 

From your clothes and make-up to your hair color, tattoos and piercings – ask yourself what motivates your style. Is it the desire to prove to the world that you are free and independent and that no one can control you? Or,  do you really like what you see when you put that scarf or that earring on? Does it reflect who you are in your eyes?  If you try to stand out through your appearance in order to make a point to the world that you are so unique and different, you are not free, because your actions are not governed by what you want, but what you think you have to do to prove a point.

  • Does your career path suggest that you are truly a free and independent woman? 

Did you go into medicine or law or psychology because that’s what you are truly interested in? Or, did you choose your career path to prove to your friends and relatives that you can accomplish something that they doubted you could? Your career choice is made freely only if it’s based on what you want, like and see yourself doing; not on how to prove to others what you can and what you cannot do.

  • Do you exercise freedom when it comes to your dating and love life? 

When it comes to dating and love, freedom is not about sleeping with whoever you want and whenever you want. It’s not about having the same lifestyle as single men do, just because you can and just because the society allows it. It’s about taking your romantic life into your own hands, and trying to discovery what you really want and what makes you happy regardless of the trends around you?

When you are in a relationship with a guy, do you disagree with him on different things just to show that you can, because you are so free and independent?  If so, you should really evaluate your perception of freedom and independence and make sure that when you disagree with him (or anyone else) it’s because you truly hold a different opinion. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for pushing guys away unnecessary arguments, fights and even break-ups.

  • Do you spend your free time like a free and independent woman?  

Being too busy – i.e. being overbooked and being handcuffed by your smartphone all the time makes you hardly free, however important whatever it is that you are doing is. At some point, being too busy means you are literally a slave, except you have way fewer excuses that real slaves did. At least they didn’t have a choice an they were forced into not having the freedom. Your overbooking yourself is self imposed and it takes away the much needed freedom, unless you stop, look at your life and at your schedule and ask yourself what you really want to do and what you should do v the things you to just because everything else does or because you think you are supposed to be doing.

The above points should provide you with an inspiration to re-evaluate your behavior and choices in life and make sure that your choices are driven by true freedom and independence, and not by all these other things mentioned above that can have improper influence on your choices and behavior.

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