One Dating Resolution Every Single Person Can And Should Make

dating resolution for new year

There is on new year dating resolution that you should make to have the best chance of dramatically improving your dating life, whether you are a single guy or a woman:

Put more effort 

Put more effort into whatever you do in order to become more attractive and in order to meet more and better new people.  This applies to just about every aspect of meeting people and dating. Here are just a few ideas:

In Real Life

Stop believing all these lies that how you look doesn’t matter. It does – to everyone. This is our nature and there is no way around it. This doesn’t meant that you have to be the hottest person out there or that you should spend all your money on expensive clothes, but it does mean that you should try to put some effort into making the most out of what you have.

Pay more attention to how you look and how you dress, and what kind of energy you project toward the outside world. Commit to doing something every day to lose weight if necessary, so that you look and feel better about yourself. Donate or throw away those clothes that don’t flatter you and don’t make you feel good about yourself. There is no need for you to wear them… ever.

When you go on a date, be in the moment and pay attention to your date. Forget about your smartphone for a couple of hours. You must have heard of and read about a lot of different techniques to attract people and to figure out whether they are attracted to you. The most important thing you should remember, however, is this – that other person who sits across the table from you is a human being and they want to be treated as such, so have a normal conversation with them – a bit of depth mixed with a bit of humor is what makes a stimulating conversation. The rest is up to mother nature.


Take a look at your profile. Do you have any bad pictures posted? Remove them and replace them with better ones. There is no excuse for having selfies, shirtless photos, duck lips or any of that other lame stuff. Post pictures that flatter you and that tell the world the right things about you. If you are a woman, make sure you don’t make these three mistakes when posting photos.

Make sure that your profile is interesting and at least somewhat thought provoking enough to get the reader curious about you. Look at other profiles and make sure that yours isn’t full of the same cliche lines. Here are a few examples of good and not so great dating profiles to give you a few ideas of how you can make your dating profile more interesting and compelling.

When you write to someone or decide to respond, make it count. No more “hi”, “how are you?” and “how is your day going?” Write something meaningful, however random it might be. Share a thought, and observation or an experience and ask the other person what he / she thinks about it.

Focus on quality v quantity. This dating resolution also requires that you stop going out for coffee or a drink with so many random people. Cut the amount of the people you talk to in half. Have a phone conversation or two with the person you met online to make sure that you have some connection and that is someone you actually want to meet, instead of going out with total strangers and forcing a conversation out of nowhere.

And, stop continuing to go out of people who you don’t really like just to be out with someone, unless you are becoming real friends. Otherwise, it does way more harm than good to your self esteem and it turns into a total waste of time – the time you could be using doing so many other things.

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