Are You Sure You Notice the Best Women When You Are Out?

hot girls at a club might not be the best choice for youAs I go out to different bars and clubs with my friends, I can’t help but notice how they make the same mistake over and over. They will spot five or so of the hottest women at a bar who look like models and will stare at them the entire evening, whether they are trying to talk to them or not. In many cases, those very attractive women look uninterested, unapproachable and downright stuck-up, as I am sure you have noticed from your experience as well. Their guards are way up, and it’s obvious.

There will be many more women in that bar, many of whom might not be as hot, but they will be certainly  cute and attractive enough. More importantly, their attitude and personality might make them much easier to approach, much friendlier, likely to have a better personality and therefore be overall, as a total package, and even overall sexier than the ones who are the most attractive physically. Because if you think about it Рif you reflect on your past dating and sexual experience, you will surely recall that the women who turned you on the most in every way, including sexually, were not necessarily the most physically attractive women you have ever met in your life. However, a combination of their qualities Рfrom their personality, sense of humor, mannerisms, and voice to the way they touched you in and out of bed Рmade them more attractive and more sexually desirable than others.

I do not suggest that there aren’t any model type women out there who are¬†also incredibly smart, funny and fun to be around, nurturing, affectionate and are incredible to be with on every level, but … the chances of¬†such a physically beautiful woman to be as attractive on the inside as she¬†is on the outside are much lower, and when you focus your entire attention on them at a club, bar or anywhere else, you are likely missing out other women who overall might be a more total package for you.

Therefore, I wish to encourage you to pay attention to all the women when you are out. Make sure that you not only look at those women to whom your eyes are¬†unconsciously drawn, but also at other, less flashy and less strikingly¬†attractive women who you would feel more comfortable talking to and who¬†might just be an overall better choice for you. And don’t forget – just because a certain girl is a wall flower at a bar, doesn’t mean that she is the same way outside of that venue or in a bedroom. Ironically, the fact that she might act shy at a bar because she doesn’t feel like she belongs there is likely to be a good sign – a sign that she doesn’t go out and get drunk too often and is not one of those confused social butterflies that you probably want to avoid in the first place.

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