One Cliche Question That Will Kill Chemistry On Your Date

As I have pointed out in a number of my videos, previous articles, and audio programs, analyzing the process of dating with your date kills basic romantic mystery tension faster than almost anything else. Therefore, seemingly harmless statements or questions that get into the dating process on a first date or one of the first dates are likely to put your interaction with your date into that friends zone that you surely want to avoid.

cliche question that kills chemistry on dateHere is one classic example example of a very common cliche question that, which is almost guaranteed to kill chemistry on your date. Suppose you met someone online, you have been¬†chatting for a while online, you spoke on the phone and now … you are¬†going out for the first time. Some people in such situations have the bad¬†habit of asking out of the blue something like “So, do you do this often?”And from there, the conversation goes into discussing both of your prior dating¬†experiences on the internet, the site, online dating in general, etc…. Bad idea!¬†Why? Simply because that’s what friends usually talk about; not the people who are trying to establish romantic interest and connection.¬†This is the kind of stuff that girlfriends discuss over coffee, and it has nothing to do with getting to know each other on a date. This kind of analyzing is almost as bad as¬†kissing for the first¬†time and then telling your date immediately after “Wow, I really¬†like how you move your tongue behind my teeth.” Asking your the other person before your date is even over “So, how do you think this date is going so far?” isn’t any better as it has the same problem of analyzing the process instead of trying to enjoy it and leave a little mystery in the situation, as it’s supposed to be.

Some people resort to reminiscing on their recent bad dating experiences as an ice breaker, because they struggle to start or continue their conversation on a date, and talking about their recent dates seems to be like a safe and popular way to liven up the conversation. However, you are much better off talking about any other subject, even such notoriously taboos subjects as politics and religion, than analyzing your dates and who you are attracted to as opposed to who is not your type. If, however, you absolutely must go there, make sure you move on and away from the topic of analyzing your dating life as soon as possible.

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