Five Practical Tips For Getting Over Your Crush The Right Way

getting over your crushSo, you have a crush on this person, and you truly believe that he / she is one of a kind. But your crush does not reciprocate your feelings and has no romantic interest in you. It hurts you and bothers you on many levels.

After harboring hope that your crush will eventually like you or even fall in love with you for some time, you realize that the chances of the two of you getting involved romantically are dismal. But it still hurts – you still want to be with that person so badly. At the same time you realize that the right and the healthy thing for you to do is to get over him / her once and for all.

But it’s easier said than done. I want to suggest to you one powerful, five-step approach to getting over your crush permanently:

1. Realize that what you experience is an emotion, and as such it will take time to get over it.

No one tip or advice will change how you feel in an instant. Only a conscious, continuous effort, lapse of sufficient time and patience on your part will allow you to fully recover from what you feel right now.

2. Stop harboring hope and imagining how great it would be spending time with your crush again.

Doing this only aggravates your condition and does absolutely no good to your ability to get over your crush. It’s like opening a wound that just started healing – you set yourself back to where you started from. Put those sweet photos, romantic e-mails and text messages away. Stop checking his or her Facebook and Instagram feed updates to find out what he/she is up to.

3. Stop thinking that the person you have a crush on is one of a kind.

It is just not true. No matter how highly you thought of your crush, and how rare you think that person is, there WILL be other people in your future that will be unique and special in their own way. They will not be the same as this one, but they will be special in their own way.

4. Refocus your attention and get busy.

This is not the time to spend too much time alone and  dwell on your situation and not be able to be with someone you really like. Force yourself, if necessary, to pursue other romantic prospects, spend time with other people who are positive, supportive and funny, and pursue your professional, educational and social goals. Keep yourself busy to prevent boredom, because when boredom kicks in, all the negative, weak thoughts return to your mind. Somehow, it seems to be our nature to think about all the wrong and all the negative things when we are not occupied, so don’t let your mind wonder in the wrong direction during the time when you need to be distracted from your thoughts about your crush.

5. Make it a valuable lesson for your future.

Above all, remember: getting over the present crush will help you deal with similar situations in the future. Going through the pain of losing someone you thought was special will help you deal with the same emotions when you fall in love and break up with your next partner, which is obviously very likely to happen sometimes in the future.

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  1. thanks soo much 🙁 I have tried to think tht things will work out but it seems like he likes 2 other girls so im tired of trying to do this. I will do all of this

  2. Walter Espineda

    wew, thanks for this

  3. Thank. My mind is like a rubber ball under the water. Crush is always in my mind what ever I do, But this one help for sure !!!!

  4. jess, I am In the same Boat except with my bestfriend Clyde!

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