An Example of Dishonest, Bad Dating Advice for Women

The above video is a classic example of dishonest, ineffective  bad dating advice for women. Lets look at the tips that each of the three women get v what it should have been:

Joanne – she is being told that she needs to “give guys a chance”. However, the very first thing she actually needs to do to improve her dating life is to start working hard on losing weight.  No matter what else she does, her dating options will be extremely limited due to her being overweight. The second thing she should consider doing is growing out her hair. Even though it’s a matter of personal preference and very subjective, very few women can pull off a short hair. Joanne doesn’t seem to be one of them. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing. It just is.

Kimberly / Kam – these look like nice, attractive women. They are being given the good advice of getting out there and taking initiative. But… Tinder?  You gotta be kidding. Swiping guys left and right and going out on dozens of coffee dates with random strangers who also meet dozens of women every month is a sure road toward becoming frustrated and losing hope in meeting someone special due to this kind of serial dating. This is not to say that you couldn’t meet an amazing guy on Tinder but online dating sites that require zero effort in creating a profile will likely attract those who look for nothing serious or who are simply bored and bounce between Facebook, Instagram and Tinder for attention or validation.

A more radical solution is likely to be far more effective – put your phone down, and go back to the weapons of flirting and seduction that nature blessed you with – an eye contact and smile. These two tools have been for the most lost over the past 10 years. Reviving these skills might be more difficult than one would imagine, because like most you are probably way out of practice, but it’s ok. And it surely is worth trying. At first, it will be really hard for you not to look away. You have been brainwashed for years now to play hard to get. But continue trying. This doesn’t make you desperate or needy. This makes you someone who takes her life into her own hands. Let all the other girls look away or stare at their phone screen when they are out. You don’t need to be one of them.

Do you see someone you like when you are out – someone who seems to have the right vibe and the right energy? – catch his eye and don’t look a way for a few moments. Smile, then look a way, then briefly look back at him again. If he nods, you nod. I assure you that he will be extremely flattered by that kind of attention from you and in large part because it’s so rare. This will get most guys come up and talk to you 8 times out of 10. This has worked for humanity for thousands of years and it will still work today despite smartphones, Tinder, and any other obstacles we have or will build to stand between us and real flirting.

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