Arguably Still The Single Best Place to Meet Quality Singles

museums best place to meet quality singlesDespite the many changes in dating dynamics over the last two decades – one thing appears to no have changed. Whether you are a guy or a woman and whether you are in your early 20’s or late 50’s or anywhere in between, one of the absolute best places to meet quality singles – men and women- is local galleries and museum. And, there are so many different good reasons for it:

Galleries And Museums Are the Easiest Places To Strike Up A Conversation

One of the big challenges for any guy who wants to strike up a conversation with a woman is not fear of rejection, like most people say, but to actually find something to say to her to start a conversation that won’t sound out of place or downright stupid.  A gallery or a museum is one type of place where anyone can find something relevant to say to start a conversation. Walk by a woman slowly and comment on the painting, a sculpture, or any other type of exhibit that she is looking at. Anything comment can open a conversation. For instance: “I wonder what the artist meant by this…” or “That’s an amazing painting. I wonder how long it took to draw it.” Anything as simple as this, would start a conversation. From there, your conversation can go into so many different and interesting directions, and at any point – you can shift gears and introduce yourself. And if you are a woman who is in the mood to take action herself and not to wait to be approached, again –  museums are a perfect place to make a move on a guy, who catches your eye without actually looking like you are making move.  – Make a similar comment about an exhibit when you walk by him, and see if the guy “bites” and continues the conversation.

A Museum is One Place Where Women Feel Comfortable Being Approached 

Unlike on the street or on a bus where women look stressed, or feel unsafe, or simply wrapped up in their own world and completely unapproachable, museums are the opposite. This is one place where women will be relaxed. They are there to enjoy themselves and to forget about their everyday issues and headaches. Women also tend to dress up when they go to museums, which means that they will feel prettier, more confident in themselves and therefore more outgoing and more willing to be approached.

From Women’s Perspective, Museums Are “Legitimate” Places To Meet A Guy

Any girl who met a guy at a museum will be proud to tell her friends how they met, as this would be one of the more romantic ways to meet. And this sounds so much more interesting and different than meeting on a dating app.

Museums Attract Higher Quality People

Museums generally attract higher quality people than other places. Someone who is interested in art and takes the time to go to a museum and enjoy art is very likely to be a better conversationalist and overall more interesting company than average, and interest in art is not a bad thing at all to have in common. Of course, many guys who are interested in art and go to museums are gay but not all of them, and women shouldn’t assume that just because the guy is at a gallery, he is not interested in women.

It’s quite possible that there aren’t many museums and galleries in the area where you live, and the ones you have don’t attract many people. If that’s the case, you should look into their schedule of special events, such as book signings, artist introductions, parties, etc. Even if the quantity of events and people isn’t high, the quality of the people you will run into in these places and at those events is very likely to well make up for it.

Whether you are a single guy or a girl, consider calling up your friends and spending one evening at a local museum or gallery. You might just be surprised how much you would enjoy it and what kind of people you might meet there.

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