Three Tips for Better Dating Profile Photos for Women

better dating profile photos

Here are three simple rules for better dating profile photos that you can use today to make sure that the photos you post on your online dating profile are flattering to you and don’t make you look less attractive to the male viewers or downright lame:

1. You are As Attractive Online As Your Worst Photo

If you have 5 photos attached to your dating profile, in which¬†you look great, and one in which you look not so great, that will be the photo by which¬†most guys will be judging you, so take it off. More is not always better when it comes to pictures. You are better off having 2-3 good photos than 10 photos, 7 of which are lame or unattractive for one reason or the other. Of course, the opposite is true too. If you are 15 lbs¬†heavier today¬†than in your photos, the guys who will meet you will notice that and will feel deceived, so there is no point in posting outdated photos that don’t truthfully reflect what you look like today.

2. Do Not Post Cliche Photos

Just browse women’s profiles and you will see the same thing over and over – a few photos near¬†the Eiffel Tower or some other international landmark, a photo of her rock climbing or scuba diving, and a photo where she is all glammed¬†up in a group of her¬†drunk friends at a bar standing in a “Charlie’s Angels” pose.¬†You don’t have to add to that lack of originality yet another profile with similar photos. It’s perfectly fine to have plain/regular photos, where you are not doing anything¬†“Fear Factor” like,¬†and where you are not standing next to a leader of some African tribe in a remote village thousands of miles a away. These kinds of pictures tell an interesting story about you and your life, but there will be plenty of time to talk about that later with the guys you actually meet in person, like and feel like sharing things about yourself with.¬†Besides, considering how many people travel around the world now, this will hardly impress anyone, and will likely be perceived like yet another Facebook-like attempt to draw attention to you. More importantly, you want the guys to focus on you and not on the background in your pictures. You might be surprised to hear this, but standing in nice jeans and a tank top or a flattering dress in front of the red brick wall might be much more flattering than seeing you water rafting and skiing.

3. Lose the Mirror / Cellphone Self Portraits and Don’t Wear Sunglasses in Your Photos

There is simply no excuse for you not to have good photos. There is no reason for you to post cellphone photos taken in front of your bathroom mirror, if you are older than 13. Asking one of your friends to take a few photos of you can be¬†as useful as it is fun. It also beats me¬†why so many girls post photos of themselves wearing sunglasses that cover half of their face, unless they have something to hide. The kind “spring break” profile photo above is hardly conducive to attracting the attention of¬†and meeting quality guys on line.


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