Two Things Coffee Meets Bagel Could Do Better

coffee-meets-bagelI like the CMB concept. Connecting people based on mutual likes, and limiting the number of people you can connect with should make the process of meeting and talking to people on this app less tiring than on Tinder and other similar site.

Limiting the amount of time you are able communicate with someone before the channel with that person closes, sending reminders to respond to those you have connected with, encourages people to communicate better and be more prompt / less flaky. Since being overwhelmed by the amount of matches on one hand, and flaking on the other hand are two of the dating apps users’ most common complaints, these features really distinguish CMB from its competitors. Also, throwing an ice-breaker question to the people who have just been matched is another good idea to help people start talking.

There are two simple things CMB could do better:

1. Come up with much better ice-breaker questions.

As of now, they are just lame and completely uninspiring. Here are some actual examples of those unworthy questions: “Best burritos in your immediate vicinity”, “Are jean shorts an acceptable summer fashion choice?” , “Do you buy extended warranties for your electronics?” and my “favorite” : “Leftover pizza and Chinese food: to be eaten cold or heated up?”

2. Give users the options to communicate on desktop.

Good writers, who love to write and who can really intrigue and attract someone through their writing would be too lazy to engage in impressive rhetoric on their smartphones, as it just takes too much effort. Typing on an actual keyboard is of course easier and would encourage people to write more meaningful messages, and go far beyond “hi” and “how is your day going?”

If you think, CMB (or any other dating site) could do other things to make them more fun and effective, please share your thought below. Who knows, perhaps the people in charge of those apps will notice and take those tips into consideration.

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Michael G.
Michael G.
6 years ago

In a variety of dating apps, a personal pet peeve is when a girl and I mutually “like” or “match” each other, but when I initiate conversation with her, all I get is…no response. If the girl and I “like” each other, it doesn’t make sense that making conversation with them should be so difficult. The apps need to do a better job of letting the user know that a match is a true match. Moreover, there needs to be an app that actually attracts quality people. The ones I’ve experimented with over the years: Plenty of Fish, Ok Cupid, Tinder, Match–they all seem to have the same types of girls: boring and uninteresting; weird; high maintenance; low standards; etc. I just want an app where I can meet normal, friendly, and interesting women. At the end of the day, dating apps seem overrated and overhyped, and the quality women that I’m looking for don’t seem to use them.

6 years ago
Reply to  Michael G.

That’s a known downside. Girls are matched with too many guys and they are just unable to write to ever guy. Some just swipe or click for attention and validation, of course, and don’t have the intention of talking to (most) guys in the first place. Some of the newer apps address this issue and penalize those who match but never write by removing them from the pool of members. One of those apps is The League. I believe it’s open by invitation only and it’s in beta now. Also, it’s generally for Ivy league grads. This type of elitism might not be for everyone’s liking, but hopefully other apps will adopt that functionality as well.

Michael G.
Michael G.
6 years ago
Reply to  practicalh

Thanks for the reply and the thoughts. Also, I don’t want anyone to think I sound like a picky jerk. Very common things women write in their profiles that make me roll my eyes are:

Boring/uninteresting: “I love my Netflix and I’m really into working out.”

No depth: “if ur not 6′ tall then swipe left! Im also a fan of muscles, not gonna lie!”

Immature: “love drinking and going out with ma girls!”

Weird: (pictures that make her look like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo or creepy pictures)

Not bright: all of the above, and then some…

6 years ago
Reply to  Michael G.

totally with you on this, Michael. I think we could come up with a long list of annoying/cliche things that both men and women write in their profiles. Since it’s pretty much scientifically proven that most humans are followers rather than leaders, for better or for worse (and women are more so than men) – many, if not most girls, include lame lines in their profile not because it comes from them, but it’s just what they see other people write.