Stop Falling for Dating Advice Scams

dating advice scamsDo you want to know how the dating advice industry easily deceives both men and women into buying all kinds of dating advice books and programs that are bound to fail? The answer is very simple. The idea is very similar to the marketing strategies used in many if not most other industries – promising instant results and instant fixes. It is common to see the following sales pitch to a dating advice book: “Learn this brilliant pick-up line on page 146 of this book and you will be able to meet any woman, anywhere any time.” or “Learn this one shocking reason why you are still single and start meeting more and better men tomorrow.” These are just some of the classic examples of ways that the “dating gurus” exploit the mental state of those men and women who are eager to do whatever it takes to change their dating life overnight.

Thousands of single people continue falling for these cheap scams, unwilling to recognize the inevitable, compelling truth that like all other skills and qualities, becoming a more attractive person and building a better dating life is a gradual process that requires gaining knowledge, observing correct, attractive actions and behaviors in others that will set an example, self-improvement, reflection on one’s own behavior, growth, and quite a bit of patience.

So stop wasting your hard earned money on products that promise instant results in any endeavor, including dating. There aren’t magic words out there that will turn you from shy to outgoing, from jealous to confident and secure, from boring to fascinating, from boring to funny, and from out of shape to ripped and physically irresistible overnight. But with real work and with applying real, proven to work strategies, you will gradually but necessarily become more attractive to and more successful with the opposite sex.

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6 years ago

I fell for many online dating advice scams. The strange thing is that some of the advice I got was true and actually did help me with women, at first but then it ruined everything I had. I lost two girlfriends to dating advice and a few friends, if that wasn’t bad enough I lost a lot of my hard earned money, I’m now even more poor than I ever was. The reason I tried this stupid advice was because I was desperate to try to get an ex “girlfriend” back. Everybody thinks I’m a jerk and I can’t tell themm what really happened because it’s too embarressing.

6 years ago
Reply to  Greg

The problem with any kind of advice is that it can’t be universal. We are all different and we have different goals, tastes and preferences. Everyone must use their own filter and common sense when considering any kind of tips and ask themselves- is this going to work for me given my age, looks, locality, goals, preferences and a number of other factors?

9 years ago

I have to say this:
"Nothing worthwhile in life comes without risk. Nothing worthwhile in life comes without courage and hard work and devotion."
There is NO instant success in dating, business, fitness, life…
If you are aware of that no one can trick you!
I study economics (Marketing) and I hate it! They teach us "to give with one hand and to take with two hands." For them, morality is not important, efficiency is important!
Greetings from Serbia, Eastern Europe

10 years ago

Well, so long as America, the uk and other western nations continue to perpetuate anti-male culture there shall always be someone out there to exploit men. This is a matriarchal society in which men are degraded from birth. Men are forced to modify their personalities in order to be 'accepted' by women. For most men there is little chance of them being accepted based on who they are as people. Thus if they are not 'rich' enough or 'good looking' enough. They have no chance and are condemned to a life of loneliness. This reality is NOT true for females.

There are countless site, books and more devoted totally to degrading men and convincing them that they are not good enough being themselves to find love. No matter if it's men's bodies, sexuality or intelligence there will always be some sort of program, book or 'scientific/medical community' backed comment or information devoted to male degradation. A lot of this stuff comes down also to female supremacist movement which is taught in colleges and universities. It is very sad because all of this is destroying the world. While directly destroying america. Degrading and disenfranchising men is a bad idea. It indeed shall lead to world war and a greater lack of respect for all women as a whole. Degradation of men, boys and father's degrades all of humanity. But you do not have to believe me. Just wait and see. Let this stuff continue for a bit longer. You'll see.

11 years ago

Wow! Veryly concisely you said it! I've been in "marketing" for a long time, and I recognized some of the sales pitches for these advice books – right out of the 70's Melvin Power's "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches." Selling a magic way to do anything still makes money.

But perhaps the worst of these "advise" publications is what I call "toxic advice." The authors want to sell more of their publications, so they tell you it's not your fault that you're not successful in the dating scene. It's THEIR fault. And you want to avoid those toxic men/women who don't appreicate how wonderful, special, marvelous, etc you are. And, how do you find people who will really appreciate all your wonderful qualities. Simple, just send for my ebook, How to Find People Who Will Apprciate You For the Wonderful Person You Are.

And they go on buying, and dreaming, and wishing, and never getting anywhere.

That's why I like about this site. You tell it like it like it is. No excuses to anyone, no catering to anyone. But you still manage to be gentle. As examplified by your comments about women losing weight.