Why Having An Exciting Dating Life Will Be Even Harder In The Future

If you are over 30, you may be wondering as often as I do about how much the people who are in their early twenties today are missing out in terms of their experience of meeting people and dating, as compared to your dating life when you were younger. Rememberg how going out to bars and clubs was so different then? People used to put so much effort in looking their best when they were headed out on Thursday-Sat night. There was hope, howevever slight, that something magical might have happenned during those weekend outings. You could bump into someone at a packed bar and start talking or lock eyes with a stranger across the room at a cocktail lounge andstart having an awkward but thrilling interaction that could take you anywhere. There was potential for something similar and exciting to happen at a bookstore, bus, and coffee shop. Even if it didn’t happen that often to most people, there was always a chance. And when it did happen, your heart rate would go up from both anxiety and excitement. There is no longer such hope or expectation. In the world of technology and dating apps, no one expects and no one is ready to be approach or be approached in real life, and in many places it might even be socially unacceptable to “hit” on someone these days.

If you do know better, and you miss the dating excitement of the past, whether you experienced it or only heard of it,  it’s really worth trying to steup your game up and make your interactions with your potential partners more compelling – asking them out by calling them instead of texting and when you do text – write better and more interesting messages. Dress better for your dates, so that it feels like a date. Listen to what the person you met is saying, and act like you care about it, because you should. This could just be a great start to having the type of dating life that’s actually worth having and possible to enjoy.

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