Does She Really Have No Drama in Her Life?

women and dramaAs you are going through your journey of meeting women in different situations, you will notice that quite a few of them like to describe themselves as drama free, both in person and in their dating profiles. They will tell you that they don’t have any drama in their life, and that they are trying to say away from any guy who has any kind of drama going on in his life, whatever that means. In many cases, however, this is a red flag, indicating that a woman is actually likely to be trying to overcompensate for the issues and the drama she is dealing with, and that she is likely to be quite dramatic.

Why? Well, what would possess a person to call himself out of the blue “drama free?” Why would she even bring it up in a conversation randomly? The most common reasons for that are that the woman recently had a lot of drama in her life which she wants to eliminate as soon as possible, but which still affects her or hurts her.

A girl who is truly drama free does not have the need to announce that to the world, especially if she is not asked about it. Although this, like most others, is not an absolute rule, the next time a woman says in her dating profile, or on a first date that she is drama free, don’t take her word for it. Instead,  watch out for the actual signs of her being dramatic, emotional, or even mentally unstable, until and unless her behavior proves that she is not overly dramatic.

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  1. Imagine a guy telling a girl, "I promise I'm not going to rape you."

    Which word would you associate with him from then on?

    Who would even come to think of saying something like that if it wasn't an issue in the first place? You don't come to think of the things that aren't a factor in your life.

  2. @gothicfey,
    “I say that I am drama free because the people around me aren’t and I like to make the distinction between me and other people.” – Sounds like a red flag to me…

  3. I agree with this article. I am a girl, and I find it strange when girls mention that they are drama free right off the bat. I don't understand why they would just put that out there without even being on the topic. To me, it looks like they had a lot of drama in the past and just recently put it behind them. After putting it behind them, they feel proud that they left it in the past, but if it was something that really affected you, it must mean that you engaged in part of the drama yourself. Just because people maybe reacting to you does not mean that you're not participating in drama itself. Without realizing it, I think these girls cause drama, and they really think they do not partake in it. A lot more people are addicted to drama than we think. It's just that some addictions are acted out in different ways such as watching soap operas or obsessing over celebrity gossip rather than actively causing real-life drama.

    Of course, there are exceptions to this article, but for the most part, I do agree that girls who claim to be "drama-free" in reality are not really not true with the way they advertised them self. However, for those who just like to put it out there for guys as they know guys dislike drama, good for you if you really do avoid drama. 🙂

  4. I agree with Arkady. I have experienced girls like this and they are indeed a red flag.

  5. I totally agree!! I believe that is for everything. For example, if you are a good looking guy who gets a lot of girls and compliments, you don’t brag about it to other men or women because it’s so mundane for you that’s nothing extraordinary. However, when you pinpoint something, especially out of the blue, most often than not it means that you are most likely whatever you are claiming not to be.

  6. this blog is incorrect

    drama free is her saying she has no relational issues

    women are honest and when one is saying that she is being honest

    also the the more emotional and dramatic she is the more committed she will be and less likley to cheat.

    she may need more attention and communication but it will pay off, so if your the man for the job, then your her man indeed and no one else.

  7. Sometimes, it is necessary to randomly put that out there. I also claim 'No drama", mostly because I don't want theirs.

  8. practicalhappiness.c

    I don't think I made myself as clear as I wanted to.
    Being drama free is great. But randomly saying that isn't necessary. Not having drama is best shown through actions rather than words. Kind of like showing that you are smart, confident, funny, etc… – actions speak much louder than words.

  9. Have to agree with gothicfey. I have used the headline 95% Drama Free in my profile because many guys seem to be looking for that. I can understand why! Many female acquaintances of mine are high-drama queens. High maintenance, manipulative, looking to cause a scene or develop negative issues within their dating life where there really are none. Emotions are good…drama, not so much.

  10. This is not true. When I say that I am drama free it is because I am. I say that I am drama free because the people around me aren't and I like to make the distinction between me and other people. Although, I am emotional that is not a bad thing and never has anything to do with the drama that might come into my life. Just because a woman is emotional doesn't mean that she has drama in her life. Also, a woman might bring up drama free randomly in a conversation in order to start another conversation about drama because it's always fun to talk about.

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