Double Standard In Dating – How Online Dating Hurts Women Way More Than Men

double standard in dating The term “double standard” has a negative connotation. It implies unfair and unequal treatment or outlook on things that appears to be similar. I, however, believe that there is a valid place for double standard in many things, including dating, especially when it comes to how the experience of meeting a large number of people online affects men v women. This should not be surprising. Men and women weren’t built the same anatomically, so why should the same standards apply? – When it comes to online dating and its potential effects on one’s personality and love life, double standard would certainly be valid. Online dating has a significant potential to help a guy with his confidence, self esteem, ability to meet women and talk to them, etc…, while it leave a lasting damaging effect on a woman.

How Online Dating Helps Men

Online dating is a far easier way for men to approach as many women as they want to than they could have ever imagined prior to having access to all the dating sites and apps out there.  Sure, most guys write lame messages to women and never get any response, but at least they have an opportunity to make a move, so to speak. And eventually, if they learn how to put their best foot forward, they will start meeting women.  Yes, it’s a crutch, but it’s the kind of crutch that allows the most shy and insecure guys practice talking women and build confidence once they earn a few things about how to communicate with women and see results. The men who have never been able to make a move at all because of being shy or introverted now have the opportunity to talk to and meet plenty of women who they would have never even run into in real life, as they would have no business being in the same place at the same time, let alone talk to each other. Online dating is especially helpful in suburban areas, where people mostly drive, and where there aren’t that many place to go out and meet random people.

An insecure guy might start becoming more confident as he realizes that out of all the women he meets, some actually like him. A guy with no social skills will start learning how to be more interesting and more funny – first online and then in person. A guy who is not very attractive will start playing with his appearance, hair, and overall style to become more attractive. That in turn will tell him how to make the most out of his looks in real life. A guy who has no idea how flaky women can be will learn how to not let flaking get to him.

How Online Dating Hurts Women

Few women realize how damaging the effects of excessive online dating can be to them, especially in big metropolitan areas. These negative effects mostly stem from being overwhelmed by a large number of messages from way too many guys, and spending way too much time going out on way too many dates with different men that don’t go anywhere. These women simply become tired of dating. They are no longer excited about meeting guys and going out on dates. They don’t dress up when they are about to meet a guy, as they are not that eager to make a good impression, and they are really hoping to fall in love after going over on what appears to be the same date over and over. After all, they know that there is another hundred guys in a pipeline, so why even bother and put too much effort into any given date? If you are in that tired-of-dating state of mind, you won’t even know and you won’t be able to appreciate when a very special guy actually comes into your life, who you otherwise would be very much into.  It will be just another guy out of a dozen that you met that month. Too much dating will prevent you from having the energy, the attention and the patience to get to know him and to appreciate him. You don’t have to sleep with 100 guys to become jaded. Simply meeting too many women or even texting with too many guys can have a similar effect on you. It’s important for every single woman who meets guys online to be aware of this, so that you have the awareness to slow down and take a break when you feel the above effects of online dating on your own behavior.


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