Two Examples of Common Women’s Tests and Great Responses You Can Use

(Last Updated On: 02/12/2014)

handling women's testsIn his article about the difficult questions (women’s tests) that women ask  when you approach them, Mr. Matlock provides  examples of several common tests and his suggested responses. Sadly, his advice sounds quite misguided, and the ‘pro” responses he suggests are virtually guaranteed to lower a girl’s interest, because they scream “I am a wimp. I have no personality or backbone, and you are going to be really bored with me, if you aren’t already”.

His suggested response to the first common test is particularly terrible: “Are you a Player? Because you look like one!”

Matlock’s suggested response: “Well, I try my best to meet new people when I’m single. How else am I going to get a girlfriend?” – This is a classic boring, square answer of a guy who tries to justify talking to a girl as if he was doing something wrong. I actually can’t think of a worse response. Even saying playfully “You bet. That’s me – Bond” is much better.

His second example of a very common test is “How Many Girls Have you Slept With?”

Matlock’s suggested response: Regardless of the truth, say a number between seven and 12 depending on your age. You could also act mysterious and deny answering the question, as if you don’t keep count. Whatever you do, come across as honest. If you’ve actually been with between seven and 12 women, share your real number.  

Again, bad advice. You should never disclose the number of girls you slept with. It’s simply none of her business. It’s a personal question that only someone you have been dating for a while should be asking, if at all. There is no reason to talk about the number of girls you slept with or the number of guys she had sex with when you just started talking to her or on your first/second date. The only good response to this test is the playful, sarcastic “I lost count after a hundred” or something a long those lines.

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