The Downside of Getting Her Number Too Quickly

getting her numberMany dating experts suggest that one great way to “pick up” a woman is the so-called “one-minute approach” – you see a woman, approach her, strike up a quick conversation, then you tell her that you have to go and get her number before you leave as soon as possible.

Certainly, doing the above is much better than doing nothing because pretty much doing anything is better when it comes to approaching and trying to meet a woman than doing nothing when it comes to approaching women.

However, the usual problem that guys will encounter¬†when they meet women this way is that their phone calls don’t get returned. Getting numbers and having women repeatedly not call you back can be frustrating, as most guy know and have experienced.

So, what’s going on here?

Well, the answer to this question is rather straightforward: in order for a woman to want to talk to you again and return your phone call, she must have a positive impression of you – she must remember you¬†as not just someone who she talked to, but someone¬†who she actually enjoyed talking to and wanted to talk to and see again.¬†A very brief conversation revolving around “how are you, where are you from, can I get
your number” simply doesn’t do it – it doesn’t create that interest in a woman that¬†would compel her to look forward to hearing from you again. And when you leave the woman with a “neutral” feeling about you, she will have no reason to talk to you again. Even if¬†at the time of giving you her number she didn’t have any particular¬†objection to talking to you again,¬†a few days later, she simply won’t feel like talking to you again.¬†It’s almost like those times when you meet someone at a party or some kind of professional gathering that you think¬†could be your friend or at least a going out buddy,¬†you exchange contact information, talk about having lunch together or going out soon and then… never hearing from each other again. Even though at the time you enjoyed meeting each other, a few days later the interest in seeing each other faded.

Thus, you are much better¬†off having a slightly longer conversation with a woman you meet¬†– 15 minutes to 30 minutes if possible in order to show your personality, sense of humor and that you are a guy who is interesting and different from others.¬†Our audio program “Powerful Pick-Up” provides you with many real life examples of how exactly you can show those qualities to a woman within a few minutes of meeting her and talking to her.

So, whenever¬†possible, don’t just get a woman’s number and run away. Establish at least some kind of connection, truly break the ice, and then – when you call – she is much more likely to get back to you and see you again, because she will actually be looking forward to hearing from you.

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