Five Tips to Make You The Best Lover He Has Ever Had

sexy-seducative-asian-girl-loverThe importance of how sexually competent a woman is and her ability to satisfy the guy she is with in bed cannot be overestimated. Yet it is not mentioned nearly as often as it should be by all the dating advice books, blogs and programs out there. All that the popular magazines for women do when it comes to women’s sex life is pushing various accessories through advice on sex, such as “buy this perfume to turn him on” or “wear these shoes to make him want you”. While becoming a great sex partner is a whole separate science, consider the following five, easy but practical and effective tips on how you can become the best lover and the best sex partner your guy has ever had:

1. Don’t Assume that You Are Great in Bed

A lot of women think that just because they are attractive and fit, they don’t need to do anything to become great in bed. This is simply not true. Any guy who dated around and slept with a number of attractive women knows that some of them don’t really know what they are doing sexually and leave the guy who expected so much more from someone so attractive very disappointed. Don’t be afraid or ashamed of learning of how you can become a great or exceptional lover in bed, who cannot only please the guy you want to please, but who is able to give him a one-of-a-kind experience in bed.

2. Listen to and Observe Your Guy’s Body

Don’t be afraid to experiment. When it comes to handjobs and blowjobs, some guys like your hands and mouth to be tighter and rougher, while others would like for you to be more gentle. They also like to be teased for a long time before you make them cum. Don’t act like a machine moving your guy’s penis with your hand or mouth back and forth mechanically in exactly the same way. Change angles, slow down, speed up, move your hand or mouth in a deeper or more shallow way depending on what he likes more.  Google “tease and denial” and watch a videos that could give you many ideas on how you can spice things up in bed and have a lot of fun doing that.

3. Watch Porn to Get Educated and Inspired in Your Own Sex Life

Although a lot of it is, not all porn is degrading and disgusting. Some of it is quite educational and can give you ideas to do things that you think you will enjoy very much that you wouldn’t have thought yourself. There is a new trend in porn now where the producers focus on the more gentle kind of erotica and porn, only filming very attractive people who act and treat each other sexually like they are two real lovers (for example DaneJones, Passion-HD, etc.).

4. Dress Provocatively and Seductively in Bed

There are so many sexy, inexpensive dresses, g-strings, tops and other accessories available. is an online store that has tons of different bikinis, dresses, and all kinds of lingerie to choose from to help you look more seductive than ever before and ignite sexual attraction on a new level. Spend half an hour with your guy looking at the different products available and choose something that will make you both happy. This kind of shopping is a lot of fun.  Wearing heels or boots to bed can also be very arousing to both of you.  You don’t have to do it all the time, of course, but surprising your guy with your attire can be very exciting.

5. Think Creatively about Dominating and Being Dominated in Bed

Does your guy like to dominate you or does he like to be dominated? Regardless, role playing  – as mild or as extreme as you both like it to be – can also be very exciting. Many guys who are dominant in their social and professional life love to be physically and verbally dominated in bed. If your guy belongs to that category, show him who the real boss is in bed. Don’t be afraid to be creative and use your own imagination. Tell him that you are Goddess and he is your slave. Sit on his face, step on his throat, shove your sexy feet in his face and make him suck your toes. There are so many different ways to physically and verbally dominate a guy and make him feel small in a way that he will find extremely exciting and arousing. How many women do you think dare to do this outside of the movie industry?

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02/19/2024 6:54 pm

Great points, and I could add one more, straight forward and simple, for the ladies:

Give him the best orgasms he can get!

Eventually, satysfying your man can come down to making him have the best and strongest orgasm possible. So to really become the best lover and a sex partner he’ll never want to do without, you should be attentive to the way in which he likes and wants to cum.

Some guys like finishing inside. A lot like to finish on thier woman’s body, or in her mouth. Take initiative to find out: communicate (ask “how/where do you want to cum?”, “do you want to cum on my face/breats/in my mouth”?) or notice his signals and cues- is he pulling out and jacking off to your face? or breasts? Does he want you to finish him with your hands? Is he moving towards you so he can blow his load in your mouth?

Some guys will be more dominant and articulate what they want. Others can be more apprehensive about asking to fulfill their desire, so what you can do is reassure your guy and signal him to feel safe to do as he pleases.

And yes, ladies, the key is – letting him choose!
It’s ultimatly completly up to you what to allow and what not. Just remember that the greater you allow, the more potential for pleasure you’re creating. So maximize potential, and let him have his big moment the way that turns him on the most. Make every sexual encounter an experience he won’t ever forget!