An Example of How a Woman’s Personality Makes Her Irresistible to Men

looks v personalityIf you want to see a realistic example of how a woman’s personality, sense of humor, sarcasm and wit can make her absolutely irresistible to a guy, and how it can make him fall in love with her and choose her over someone who is much more physically attractive, watch “Last Vegas”. As important as sense of humor to women in guys, it is just as powerful of a factor when it comes to attracting men and making them realize that you are special or one of a kind in general or for him specifically.

This is important to keep in mind for both men and women in order to better understand what and who they want. For guys, the most important thing to take away from this is to remember that you can be attracted sexually and otherwise to a woman who you would rather as a “7.5” than you would to a “9” because of the personality and the sense of humor of the seemingly less physically attractive woman among the two. Women, on the other hand, should know that although their pictures on the social media and online dating sites are a good starting “selling point”, writing something meaningful, compelling and/or entertaining can go a long way toward coming across as more attractive to men, because there are men out there who read what you have to say, because they know that there are plenty of attractive women there, but among them there are very few who have the inside beauty to match.

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practicalhappiness (
7 years ago

I have to agree. Among all the stores, Michael Douglas delivers the best performance. I am glad that despite the fact that the leading actors are older now, they are still making movie. I think they remind or prove to us that to a great extent retirement is overrated.

7 years ago

Love this movie. Don't remember the last time so many stars gathered together to make such an excellent comedy. I think out of all of them M. Douglas shines the most. He deserves an award for his ability to express regret and hesitation with his face alone.