Greatest Male Porn Star Confirms The Dark Effect Of Promiscuity

effect of promiscuity on being able to love  In the video below, arguably the greatest male porn star of all times talks about the effect of promiscuity and how being involved in a sex industry emotionally damaged him and made him lose the ability to love and care. It’s a story of both – great personal sadness and also great personal awakening. What Randy Spears doesn’t mention is that one doesn’t need to be a porn star to experience what he has. Although he is an extreme example of this, any man or a woman can become a victim of losing the ability to love and care due to having too many trivial sexual experiences.

Being unable to develop an emotional attachment to another person, truly want them and truly miss them when t hey are not around makes for a far less interesting and fulfilling life. There is so far less to look forward to and be excited about. This is one major reason why Spears and many others in a similar situation resort to drugs – in order to get the joy that they can’t get from love.

Spears’ words should be a warning to any single man or a woman out there. Date sparingly. Choose quality over quantity, as the price you might have to pay for sleeping around indiscriminately with people you don’t even like might just be too high to bear. I am not suggesting that saving yourself until marriage is the only way to go. Like in just about any other aspect of life, moderation is the key. At the very least, commit to only being intimidate with the people you actually like and how company you find engaging, even if you are not sure how far your relationship can go. I am not going to tell you to wait to sleep with a person you started dating a week, a month or any other set period of time. The important part is this: really like someone first, then enhance your connection with physical intimacy. Not the other way around.  This will help you avoid the type of meaningless sex that trivializes that which should be special to you.


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