Why Eye Contact Today Is More Important Than Ever

(Last Updated On: 12/05/2015)

eye contact with womenThey say when you don’t use it, you lose it. They also say that practice makes perfect. This certainly applies to eye contact – one of the more powerful and primal ways of communication between humans and animals alike . The fact that lately we have been so over-trained with texting and social media, and so grossly under-trained with eye contact, has caused tremendous damage to our natural flirting abilities. It atrophied not only our real-life social skills but also made us so much more apprehensive about making eye contact with the people around us and knowing how to deal with those awkward but also exciting moments of locking eyes with someone. Our ability to make that connection with the stranger through our eyes has been has been weakened simply because we don’t make an effort to meet people and flirt in person nearly as often as we used to. After all, we have so many other options – Facebook, Twitter, OkCupid, Match, Tinder. Therefore, since we are not forced to get out of our comfort zone any more due to all these other ways of talking to so many people, we simply don’t bother making eye contact with others in the “real” world.

Meeting Someone Through Eye Contact Is Still More Exciting Than Any Other Way

I encourage you not to forget how much more exciting it is meeting someone in person and using eye contact than it will ever be meeting someone online. Although if you like whoever you meet, it won’t matter how you started talking shortly after, still – the emotional impact of that awkwardness mixed with the excitement of meeting someone new in person is not to be dismissed. The thrill that a guy experiences when meeting a girl in person, overcoming the awkwardness and the anxiety during those few first minutes of talking to her, making that initial connection and getting her number is so much greater than any kind of excitement he could ever experience crafting messages online and expecting an unlikely response. Similarly, a girl, who meets a guy in person while out, is going to think about him for a while after they met. That’s certainly not the case where she gets an e-mail form one of the twenty guys she is talking to online, however creative that message might be. There is a reason why “50 Shades of Grey” made it so big – it speaks to so many women’s romantic fantasies. Despite the fact that women today might be more jaded and more hardened up by life than before, the dream of meeting a mysterious stranger in person at the most unexpected time and place is still alive for many of them. That requires an eye contact.

Therefore, whether you are a single guy or a woman, you should make an effort to make an eye contact with the people around you who you think you might be interested in meeting. This doesn’t mean you have to stare them down or creep them out, but a friendly, extended glance and a smile is often all it takes to be noticed, and from there  – the possibilities are many. The importance of making an eye contact especially applies to girls, since so many guys report that women today are more unapproachable and harder to make any kind of eye contact than ever before.

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