Five Effective Ways to Become a More Interesting Guy to Girls

couple walking in parkOne of the most effective ways of becoming a much more interesting guy to women is also the easiest one – just look at what all the other guys do and don’t do that. Instead, do the opposite, and it will make you stand out from the rest in so many ways. Here are some of the very common examples of how you can do that in different situations when meeting and going out with girls:

1. Being More Interesting While Approaching and Starting Conversations with Girls

Forget the compliments, offering to buy her a drink, and all the other cliche stuff that other guys do. Instead, give her a negative compliment, i.e. point out something in her or the surroundings that you find to be refreshing and unlike in many other places. For instance, if you are sitting next to an attractive girl at a wine bar, say “We need more quite, cozy places like this in town, wouldn’t you say?” or “It’s nice to see a girl who is not wearing yoga pants” or “It’s nice to see a girl who is just sitting with a drink and enjoying herself without texting.” Not everyone can take this kind of compliment the right way, but the coolest girl will appreciate this kind of unique approach.

2. Being More Interesting During That First Conversation with the Girl After You Broke the Ice

No more “Where do you live?”, “Where are you from?”, “How many siblings do you have?”, “What school do/did you got to?” and other stale, resume/biography questions. She has heard them so many times before, so do her and yourself a favor – skip all of them and save them for later. Do you really care about how many brothers and sister she has when you meet her, or can this wait till your first/second date, if and when you get there with her?

Also, no more bragging about how smart, accomplished, rich or successful you are. Unlike most other guys you are not going to be eager to impress her. You are just going to have normal conversation blending humor, sarcasm with interesting observations and more meaningful questions that will make her think rather than blurt an answer.

3. Being More Interesting By Calling Her Instead of Texting, and by Sending Better Text Messages When You Do Text

Every other guy she recently met texts her after meeting her, but you won’t. You will pick up the phone and call her. If she can’t appreciate the gesture, that’s her problem, but this will make you stand out in the right girl’s eyes. Girls who want love, romance and passion in their life wish that guys called them at least sometimes and didn’t treat them like texting buddies. You will be one of the very few guys or the only guy who gets her on the phone.

If you text her, your messages are not going to be empty and meaningless, like those of so many other guys. No more “what are you up to?” and “how is your day?” pointless chatter. Your text messages will have one of the two purposes – to flirt/entertain or to confirm when and where you meet.

4. Becoming a More Interesting Guy In the Online Dating World

Are you trying to meet women online? Then, just look at the profiles of other guys and don’t write what they do, and don’t post the pictures that the do. Is everyone trying to brag about how wonderful, accomplished and adventures they are? Don’t! Instead, quote your favorite writer and talk about how his words apply to today’s reality. If you can’t think of any ideas on how to write a unique profile, this compilation of unique online dating profiles should be a great start to help you with that.

Your profile photos are not going to make you look like a thug, or a party boy, or some other kind of douche. If every other guy posts pictures of hanging of a rock or skydiving, you will do the opposite. You are not going to try to impress the female world with how adventurous and fearless you are. They have seen it all before, and this kind of desperate attempt to impress only makes them roll their eyes. Instead, you will consider doing something that no other guy does – you will post a boring office photo, where you look like a normal, clean-cut guy.

Your first message to girls on an online dating site is never going to be “Hi” or “How is your day going?” You are going to write something more meaningful, more unique, and more thought provoking, after reading her page and thinking of something relevant and responsive to write to her. She will know that you read her profile before you wrote to her. The quality of your writing shows that you have something going on above your shoulders, and you not just another typical guy who says the same thing as everyone else.

5. Being a More Interesting Guy on a First Date

You are not going to take her to a restaurant and sit ten feet away from her while asking her the same cliche questions as everyone else does. You are going to go to an off the beaten path coffee house or a low key wine bar, where no other guy has ever taken her before. You are going to be funny and sarcastic at times. You are not going to talk about yourself and try to impress her with your credential and accomplishments. You will ask her a few questions about herself, but you will also not be interrogating her the entire night. Instead, you are going to be talking about other things – a movie you recently watched that you liked, a new dance club that you checked out, a book that you read or consider reading, recent news in the pop culture, or even the interior of wherever you are sitting.

You are not going to be sitting the entire date at the same place. Instead, you are going to go for a walk with her. Few guys, especially in the US, do that, and the right girl is going to appreciate this romantic gestures, if she likes you and if she is attracted to you. When she asks you “where are we going?”, you are going to playfully remind her that it’s the journey that matters; not the destination and that you are just going for a walk without having a destination.

If you can think of other simple, effective ways of coming across as a more interesting guy to girls, please share by commenting below.

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8 years ago

Nice article, although I would say that talking about yourself in a cocky/humorous way is very useful in building sexual attraction. If you say something arrogant and then laugh at what you just said (with a very quick "I'm just kidding"), the woman will realize that you weren't serious rather just very confident. I find that you can say practically anything to a woman as long as its in the right tone of voice and the moment is appropriate.