A Great Guy Will Not Respond to a Boring Dating Profile

Take a hard look at your OkCupid/Match dating profile. What does it say about you? Is it engaging and interesting is it’s just another typical cliche, boring dating profile that looks just like anyone else’s? Remember – like in most other aspects of life, when it comes to dating profiles – every word you use works either in your favor or against you. Will the male reader be compelled to write to you when he reads your profile, thinking that you are a special woman, and one of the few who are worth meeting out there, or will he be rolling his eyes and thinking “Jee, probably another ditz”?

Look at the profile below and ask yourself whether it’s in any way thought provoking, or whether it’s super generic and boring. The answer is too obvious to mention.

boring okcupid dating profile











How about this profile below? Even though it looks like a normal profile at first glance, as a guy, I would really struggle to figure out what to write in my first message to the author:

















Unless you are illiterate, there is no reason why you can’t learn how to write a profile that captures a reader’s attention and makes him want to get to know you. Our Powerful Online Dating Profiles Guide can be one effective source of inspiration for writing a great dating profile, and significantly improving not only the quantity of the messages you get, but much more importantly – the quality.

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