On Holding Hands on a Date

(Last Updated On: 03/19/2015)

holding-hands-on-dateA reader asks: “Recently I had a situation where I tried to hold a girl’s hand during our second date, which was going well, and she clearly didn’t like it, and got her hand out of mine. This felt really awkward, and I didn’t know what to do after she did that. What advice do you have on holding hands?”

PH Answers: If things are going well otherwise between the two of you, I wouldn’t worry about this too much. The main reason why a girl would do this is because holding hands means much more to her than to you. To many girls, especially the more traditional ones, holding hands means being in some kind of relationship. and they would feel awkward holding hands with the guy who they barely know. If you prefer holding hands earlier, you should try to take a girl’s hand anyway, because you obviously don’t how she is going to react. And if it turns out that she doesn’t want to hold hands, it’s not a big deal. Just act like nothing bad happened and then try to hold her hands again a few dates later.

Also, generally, kissing her should come before holding hands. In other words – holding hands is a natural next step after having you had at least one good make-out session.

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