How to Get Out of Friends Zone with Girls

friends zoneWhat if you didn’t manage to avoid friends zone and end up being “friends” with the girl you want physically and you would like to date? What if your gentle ways of being overly nice and proper lead you in a direction that you wanted to avoid – of just hanging out with her without her perceiving you as a romantic or sexual partner? Is there a way to fix it?

In many cases, a road to a friends zone is a one-way trip with no return ticket. However, if you are still determined to explore the possibility of getting out of the friends zone with the girl you really like, it might be worth trying. After all, you don’t really have anything to lose by trying. If nothing else, it will be an interesting experience from which you will surely learn a thing or two about how to interact with women in the future. Here are two simple steps you can take to try to get out of friends zone:

1. Take a Short Break from Seeing Her  

You don’t have to tell her that you want to take a break from talking to her or that you distance yourself from her on purpose in order to get out of the friends zone. She doesn’t need to know what you are doing. You will be taking a few weeks break from hanging out with that girl, so that her memory and her perception of who you are and how she feels about you fades away a little bit. Of course, she is not going to completely forget who you are, but taking that kind of a break is going to give you an opportunity to start fresh to some extent and to show her a different side of you. It will also feel less sudden to her if you come back acting differently after she does not see you for a few weeks, rather than her thinking that you changed your behavior overnight and you are just being weird, because you were one way yesterday and you are completely different today.

2. Upon Return from a Break, Start Sexually Escalating Your Interaction with Her

As you return from not seeing each other for a few weeks, start doing all the things you should be doing as a guy to escalate romantic and sexual tension:

* No more purposeless platonic hanging out in a group of friends or on a couch with her without doing anything. Show your sexual interest in her. At first subtly – by casually touching her arms, hair waist, and then move in closer so that she gets used to sitting and being close to you.

* Engage in activities where you have more physical contact. Go out dancing, swimming or even working out together. Give her a few specific compliments about her body that she never heard before. Don’t tell her that she looks nice or hot. Be more specific and subtly sexual. One way to do it is to tell her “You have been really blessed, you know?” while looking at her chest or at her hips.

* Don’t be boring. Learn how to stop being boring to women. Tasteful humor and sarcasm are the best tools to flirt your way out and away from friends zone. Witty banter will go along way in combination with the above two factors to escalate romantic and sexual tension between you and the girl.

If she responds to your new behavior in kind, it will make you very happy. If she doesn’t, you will still be happy because you know made your move and you won’t have to live with regret of never trying and not knowing whether she would be interested in you that way.

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