Why Restaurant Bars Are Great Places For Meeting Women

approaching-women-at-barsWhen it comes to approaching, meeting and talking to women, there is a big difference between regular bars (such as college bars, sports bars, dance clubs, etc.) and bars that are located inside nice restaurants. Sure – restaurant bars are much smaller and you will often see just a few women hanging out there at any given time, but don’t let that fool you. Generally, your chances of talking to those few women are much higher than trying to break the ice with any of those dozens or hundreds of girls at a larger, loud bar for a number of reasons:

  • Restaurant bars are smaller and are usually limited to just one bar counter. Everyone is forced to sit or stand much closer to each other, which makes starting a conversation by throwing a casual comment about about what the girl is eating, drinking, wearing much easier and more appropriate;
  • It’s generally quieter and less hectic at a restaurant bar than at a regular bar or a club. This is the kind of place where women feel most relaxed. Unlikely just about any other place, they are not stressed out by their jobs, grocery store list, school project or finishing up the workout on a treadmill. They are not rushed. They came in to look their best after putting some work into look their best.
  • There is no stigma among women against meeting guys in bars like that from a girl’s perspective, because she can always say to her friends that she met a guy at a restaurant and not at a bar.
  • Girls love to say “I don’t go to place x or place y to meet guys”. But if a couple of girls are all dressed up, have their hair and make up fixed and are sipping wine at a restaurant bar, it’s very likely that they are there because they want to be approached, whether they are willing to admit it or not;
  • Finally, whether a girl is looking for a well to do guy or not, most women prefer and expect the men in restaurant bars to be of a higher caliber than in sports bars or college bars. This means that when the girl meets you at a restaurant bar, she assumes that you are not broke, which makes you more attractive regardless of whether she is high maintenance, materialistic or not.

A combination of the above factors creates a unique atmosphere that’s more conducive to talking to women and flirting. You can start a conversation at a bar with something as simple as “What are you drinking?… Is it good?” or “Do you know how late this place stays open?” and go from there. If you are at that bar with a friend / wingman (which you ideally should be), he might just step in and help you out by asking “Have you been here before?” Don’t worry about those lines being too cliche and obvious. A restaurant bar is one kind of environment where not being very original won’t hurt your chances of connecting with women. The fact that you are one of those few guys who actually made a move makes you original already regardless of what you will say to start a conversation.

Restaurant bars might not be a good option for guys who are under 25 (although this will vary from one location to another), because these kinds of places generally attract older crowd, but if you are of an appropriate age, you might just find out that the restaurant bars in your area are a largely undiscovered treasure for meeting women for some or all of the above reasons.

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7 years ago

“…they are there because they want to be approached…”
No they don’t.

7 years ago
Reply to  Mickey

That very much depends who is approaching and how of course.

7 years ago
Reply to  practicalh

Or, they’ll stick around with a guy just long enough to get some free drinks before she meets up with the guy she’ll go home with.
Deep, cynical sigh…