How to Flirt With Guys Without Appearing Desperate

how to flirt with guysToo many single women are afraid to show that they are interested in a guy when they are in fact interested. These women face an internal, socially conditioned barrier of fear of coming across as desperate, needy, too easy, etc. They believe that it’s wrong to come across as interested in a guy and that it will be a turn-off to that man once he finds out that she is in fact interested. These beliefs often prevent women from meeting and dating the guys whose company they would be otherwise enjoying. This unfounded desire to look uninterested creates a social mask on a woman’s face that makes her come across as unfriendly, unapproachable and… uninterested in any romantic interaction with men, which in turn discourages the majority of men to make a move. This has far reaching consequences on both the quality and the quantity of the guys that a woman meets, because the only guys who would approach a woman who looks unapproachable are the ones who treat the whole matter as sports.

My observations suggest, however, that there is little, if any, foundation for this false perception among women. First of all, not all signs of attention created equal. There are plenty of ways to show your interest in a guy without coming across as desperate. You do not need to come up to a guy and say “I like you and I want to be with you.” An eye contact, a friendly smile and “how was your week?” or “what are you doing this weekend?” can hardly be construed as a desperate behavior. Secondly, for most guys a woman’s subtle enthusiasm about interacting with them is not a sign of neediness or desperation, but rather a sign of outgoing nature and confidence – qualities that both sexes find so attractive in each other.

Even more important are the subtle signs that you can communicate to a guy to show your romantic interest. Stand closer to him when you are talking to him, lightly tap him on his arm/shoulder as you are talking to him, look into his eyes longer as you talk to him, flip your hair as a lady who wants to be noticed would and otherwise show through your body language that you are comfortable with the guy and are interested in getting to know him better. And if you don’t quite know what I mean, just watch how women act around men who they are interested in, in romantic movies, or even better – go out and see how girls who are interested in guys carry themselves in bars, clubs, restaurants and elsewhere, and pay attention to what exactly makes it obvious to you that they are interested.

Initiative is usually rewarded in all aspects of life, and meeting people and dating are not exceptions to that rule. So, don’t be afraid to show your interest in a guy. You are doing nothing wrong and you have nothing to lose. If nothing else, showing that you are interested in a guy will be an interesting experience.

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