How to Handle Ups and Down in Confidence with Women

confidence-with-womenA reader asks a question on how to handle the ups and down in confidence and whether it’s normal. I believe it’s completely normal for one simple, yet compelling reason. There are ups and downs in just about everything – our mood, our behavior, our patience, courage, etc… On some days we feel great, motivated and eager to do things, while on other days we may feel anxious, depressed or wonder about such questions as “What’s the point?” and “Why bother?” These are the days when you are going to be quite low on confidence in general, and confidence with women specifically.

One way to handle these kinds of times, if they are occasional, is to simply accept them as part of life and your personality and wait till these kinds of moods are replaced with a better frame of mind. Often all you need is time to get over that slump in confidence, and there is simply no point in fighting it.

No one can and should expect to be “on” 100% of the time. This is not how we operate in any department, and it starts as early every day as waking up. Some days you feel like jumping out of bed, while others you can barely drag yourself out from underneath your sheets, after hitting a snooze button on your alarm clock for about an hour.

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