Response to Comments to A Video About Why Many Guys Are Boring to Women

why so many guys are boring to womenLooking through the comments to my video about why so many women complain thatĀ  guys are so boring, it’s easy to notice two patterns from the guys who post these comments: 1. many say that they don’t need to be clowns or entertainers; and the 2. accusing women of being more boring than any guy.

I have a simple response to both of the above points. With respect to being clown and entertainersĀ  – I never suggested being that, and of course there is a plenty of room in between being boring and being a clown, and, of course, being interesting and being a clown are not the same things. Being interesting is not the same as being a comic or being a nerd either. Finally, being interesting doesn’t mean talking non-stop. In fact, there is no quicker way to bore a girl or any person, for that matter, than by talking too much.

With respect to the second point about women being even more boring than guys – sure, there are plenty of women out there who are extremely boring and whose mind doesn’t go far beyond their nails, hair and reality shows. But that’s not how all the women are. Like with guys, there is a percentage of women who are very interesting, witty, charming, etc, which also makes them more attractive and sexier than those girls who don’t have much beyond their looks. Besides, the fact that so many girls are boring is hardly an excuse for any guy to be boring.

It is important for guys, especially the ones who are in fact boring, to abandon their defensive attitude, if they want to make a difference in their dating life and meet, attract, go out and have any kind of relationship with women, and focus on themselves, instead of focusing on how boring some of the women that they meet are.

Some guys might suggest that they don’t care about being interesting, because all they want is to play around or have as many one-night stands as possible. Ironically, being a more interesting guy will help you at every stage of your interactions with women – from approaching and meeting girls, picking girls up at a bar, one night stands, to sustaining a long term relationship. There is simply no downside to being interesting.

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