How to Handle the “Tell Me About Yourself” Text Messages From Girls

(Last Updated On: 08/18/2016)

tell me about yourself text message from a girl Anonymous asks: “I met this girl on Facebook,  we exchanged phone numbers and and after a few texts, she asks me by text “Tell me about yourself”. Am I really supposed to tell her all about me by text?””

First, I am honestly disappointed that people actually send those kinds of lame text messages. Do they really expect you to send a long, detailed reply text where you really tell them about yourself? I am not surprised to hear that girls actually send messages like that, since I have received my fair share of “How are u?”s and “Hey”‘s texts.

So, let’s talk about how to reply to this kind of text message:

1. Actually answering that question literally and telling her all about you by text is a bad idea and something you should never be doing. 

Texting back something like “I was born in….. went to school…. and moved here in…. with my family” is a terrible way to handle this question, whether it’s ask by text or in any other way. It suggests that you are either boring or willing to waste time typing away long stories, as if you had nothing better to do, which should never be the case.  You should never be getting to know a girl or letting her getting to know you by text. Texting girls should be reserved for short witty/flirty messages or for logistics only about the location of meeting, being a little later, etc.

2. Ignore The Question and Call Her Sometimes Later

One of the great ways to prevent the damage that pointless texting can cause is simply stopping to reply and then picking up the phone and calling her. The same applies to the “Tell me about yourself” question. Don’t answer, but instead – tell her that you don’t think it’s such a great idea to get to know each other by text and you will just call her later. Don’t be afraid to do this. Many girls (especially the better kind) will appreciate this. See real example here:


I realize that talking on the phone is “out of style” these days but if you met someone on Facebook, hearing each other’s voice is important to figuring out whether you are going to like each other, and texting won’t cut it. Instead, it will turn you into one of her texting buddies very quickly. Therefore, the best and the easiest way to respond to this text is with: “I will call you later” or “I will tell you later”  or just ignore the text altogether and call her later on that day, and not worry about telling her about yourself at all, at least at that point. Given how many girls, especially younger girls, have ADD, she is unlikely to remember asking you to tell her about yourself anyway.

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