Great Example of Responding to a Woman’s Dating Profile

If you ever tried meeting women on one of the dating websites, you must know that hearing from a woman after writing her is not as common as you would like to be. It’s hard to blame women for not responding to the vast majority of the e-mails they are flooded with when the are looking to meet men in the cyber world. Not only are they bombarded with the number of messages that is impossible to handle (especially if she is very attractive), but the quality of the e-mails that men send leaves much space for improvement. Most guys write the same uninteresting, non-stimulating messages to women, such as “You are hot. Call me!” or “I liked your profile, let’s talk.” Why would a woman bother to respond to yet another mediocre messages that says nothing good about its writer and makes him completely unattractive?

Ironically, the above is great news for someone who would take that little time to actually learn how to stand out from that on-line crowd and how to distinguish yourself through writing.

If you commit to adopting one tip to improve your ability to meet and attract women online, I suggest that you remember the following: using the power of details and personalizing your writing will make a huge difference to your ability to meet women on all the dating sites. In other words, you should never send a message that would look like it could have been sent to anyone because it suggests that you have no real interest in that specific woman who you are contacting, and every woman wants to know at the very least that whoever wrote to her, was actually writing to her.

It can be quite challenging sometimes to customize and personalize your message to a woman who you never spoke with before, especially if her profile doesn’t contain too much detail about who she is, what she likes, and what she is looking for. However, there is one easy, proven way to respond to a woman’s profile in a way that would stand out from most other e-mails that she is receiving and would make her much more likely to write back to you.

So, here is how to do it.

You read a profile, and let’s say that one of the things that a woman says about herself is this:

“I am low maintenance, I prefer reading to drinking, theater to movies, and jogging to sitting.”

You can open your response very effectively by simply quoting something that she said. For instance, you can start your e-mail to her with:

“…prefers reading to drinking and theater to movies” – I am at a loss of words… because you stole my thoughts from me with what you have said in your profile. It’s funny, I was at a theater the other day and I experience yet again how much more profound of an impression any show leaves on me than a movie. I wonder if you feel that way too…”

As you can imagine, quoting a woman will show to her beyond any doubt that you read what he had to say. Responding to her specific thoughts in your response will make your message all the more personable and effective.

So, the next time you are about to respond to a woman’s profile, keep this easy but very effective strategy in mind and it is likely to help you connect with her. And, like the video below says, confidence is just as important in the online dating world as it is anywhere else:

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