How to Stop Being Intimidated by Hot Girls

intimidated by hot girlsIt’s not a secret that one of the biggest obstacles that men have when it comes to approaching and meeting women is the fact that so many of them are simply intimidated by hot girls.  When a man hears that these girls are just like all the other women, and that there is no reason to be intimidated by them, he might believe that, it feels much easier said than done. That argument alone will not eliminate his deeply rooted fear of approaching and meeting those women. However, understanding the actual reasons for why no man should be intimidated by a very beautiful woman is a very effective way of eliminating that fear. So, here are four major reasons why you should not be afraid of talking to hot girls and why you shouldn’t be intimidated by them as much as you might have been till today:

1. The obvious but often overlooked truth is that hot girls are NOT that rare.

Go to any club or a bar and you will find dozens of women who are extremely attractive and would easily qualify as hot as models, actresses or porn stars. So… beautiful women are not in scarcity. What is scarce is beautiful women with equally beautiful personality.

2. You are most likely intimidated not by how hot the girl is but by her attitude.

I am sure that you will not be intimidated by the most beautiful woman who carries herself in a very friendly, warm and unassuming manner. It’s a woman’s snooty demeanor – her “bitch shield” if you will, her avoiding any eye contact with the people around her, her never getting off her i-phone when in public  – 24/7 texting, her sunglasses, and other parts of her social mask that makes her come across as unapproachable and intimidating. If you can get pass that initial mask, you might actually uncover a nice, friendly person who is very much interested in meeting a guy who she would like and who she could have a connection with… or not. There is only one way to find out.

3. If you met a few of those hot girls, then you know that the likelihood that their personality matches their beauty is extremely low.

In fact, many if not most of those really hot are uninteresting, shallow, high maintenance, hard to get along with and otherwise unworthy of spending time with. I am not saying this to be an asshole, and I am certainly not encouraging you to hate women or blame any issues in your dating life on them. The reason I say this about the hot girls is because once you not only realize but experience this the reality that these very attractive women are not Godly creatures on the inside, you won’t be as intimidated by them. As cynical as it might sound, once you have actual experience meeting a woman who is both very attractive and very interesting,  your first thoughts will be not “wow, she is so hot I probably don’t have what it takes to talk to her, let alone get her interested in me”, but “she is so hot, so she is probably really lame, ditzy, neurotic, shallow, flaky… but… maybe there is a small chance she isn’t, so I will give it a shot.”

4. Believing that any woman is out of your league has no rational basis. 

It doesn’t take long to look around and notice how many very attractive women date and have relationships with guys who are physically and otherwise mediocre. Many of those guys are overweight, have no style, and many don’t have much to show for themselves as far as education and career go. The one thing that does set those men apart from you is that they made a move. So… the “out of my league” argument is just an excuse not to take action which you should abandon.

So, whenever you see a hot girl that you want to approach, remember the above points, be realistic and assume that she is not going to be all that interesting as a woman until and unless she proves otherwise and this will eliminate much of your fear of approaching her.

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9 years ago

"If you met a few of those beautiful women, then you know that the likelihood that their personality matches their beauty is extremely low. In fact, many if not most of those women are uninteresting, shallow, high maintenance, hard to get along with and otherwise unworthy of spending time with. "

Even I will admit that's an unfair, mean and rather ridiculous generalisation that I don't agree with in the slightest. I thought the point of the article was to discuss how guys can stop themselves being intimidated by girls, not to descend into cruel generalisations that dont' look out of place in a high school Hollywood movie.

9 years ago

Who the hell are you to say beautiful people are unworthy of spending time with?! How very judgemental! I think you are the shallow one! What a conceited, shallow individual you are. And what an ironic, badly written article. I don’t think you have met EVERY beautiful woman in the world!