When He Asks You Out to A Dinner Date on Your First Date

(Last Updated On: 05/07/2016)

first date dinner dateIn addition to the important first date dinner tips for guys, which in many ways also apply to women who accept dinner date invitations from men, the are three more important points that apply to women when it comes to dinner dates:

1. Don’t Be Greedy With the Menu

Regardless of the how much you make and how much the guy makes, and regardless of whether the restaurant you are going to is expensive or inexpensive, if you order the most expensive dishes and drinks on the menu, it makes you come across as materialistic, greedy and high maintenance. In sum, this makes you look like you have an agenda other than getting to know the guy you are out having dinner with. So, don’t do that – simply make sure it doesn’t look like you are trying to order the most expensive items.

2. Don’t Mislead Guys Who You Are Not Interested In

I have met a few women who openly told me that they have no problem accepting dinner date invitations from guys, who these girls know they are not interested in. When I ask why they do that, they would usually say, that (1) they are just having dinner¬†as friends; (2) since men use¬†women for sex all the time, there is nothing wrong with us, girls, getting back at guys and using them for meals; and (3) just because I accept¬†a dinner invite, doesn’t mean¬†I have¬†to start dating a guy or¬†sleep¬†with him, and if that’s what he things, that’s his problem. This kind of reasoning is hardly persuasive. A woman knows that when the guy invites her out to dinner, he at least wants to know that there is a possibility that there will be a romantic interest between them. If the girl knows before she even goes out with the guy that she is not interested in him, then accepting a dinner date from is both deceitful and a waste of time for both of them. A woman who does that, or a woman who uses guys for food to take revenge on the male kind, because some¬†other¬†guys use women for sex,¬†is the kind of woman who doesn’t show much basic female pride or dignity. This kind of behavior and attitude hardly¬†flatters her as a person, not to¬†mention the fact that¬†she should also notice that this day and age¬†women use guys for sex just as often.¬†Unless you are completely broke and starving, a plate of rice¬†or pasta should not be worth it, being out with on a date with the guy who you know you have no interest in.

3. Don’t Treat Food Selection as a Matter of Life and Death

This is my big personal pet peeve. You sit down at a restaurant, and the girl starts studying the menu as if it was some kind of fascinating¬†novel or a breakthrough¬†research article. She goes over every item on the menu as if choosing what appetizer she is going to have, and what kind of wine she is going to order was of critical¬†importance. She then tortures the waiter with a bunch of questions about different items and then, on top of that all, can’t make up her mind as to¬†what she wants to order. Once she gets her food, she starts talking about how she should have ordered this other thing on the menu.

This kind of behavior will make the guy she is out with assume all kinds of bad things about her, even if they are not true – that she is too picky, too fussy, too high maintenance and will be a pain in the ass to deal with in the future in many other ways, and dinner is just an early warning sign. For many guys who are looking for a serious relationship, this kind of behavior can be a deal-breaker, discouraging them from asking that girl out again.

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