Two Simple Qualities That Make a Woman Irresistible To Men

hot-girl-irresistibleThe other day I started talking to a boy on a tennis court who was waiting for his coach. He was asking me for tips to improve his serve. Then a cute girl of his age showed up to say hello to him. He obviously liked her very much. When she left, I asked them boy why he liked her so much. He said:

“Because she is hot and she is nice.”  

It sounded so simple yet so all-encompassing. It pretty much described the kind of woman that any guy would want but in such simple terms. I then started thinking of all the women around, who I have been coming in contact in any kind of context. The vats majority of them appear to have one of these qualities but are serious lacking the other – many of them are physically attractive and put a lot of effort into their fitness, style and looks, but they are so far far from being nice. Looking and acting tough has been in style for a while now among women, but it does not benefit their love life in any way. Contrary to what you might think, looking unapproachable doesn’t make you more desirable, unless you are actually on a modeling runway. It only makes you just that – unapproachable. Real female strength and confidence are not to be confused with stuck-up demeanor and an attitude.

Like male confidence, true female confidence is low-key. It doesn’t scream “look at me!” or “listen to me!” or “I am in charge!” or “I am going to do the opposite from what you want me to do just so that I can show you that I can and that no one can control me or tell me what to do..”  A truly strong and confident woman knows her value and place in this world and she doesn’t need to publicize it with her entitled behavior or body language. You can be strong and confident without being perceived by your co-workers or guys as a bitch, and it’s really worth trying.,

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6 years ago

Excellent post!