Who Is To Blame For So Many Women Destroying Their Looks? (Guest Article)

overprocessed womanHave you ever asked yourself who is really to blame for so many women covering their bodies with excessive tattoos and piercings, destroying their facial features with nose jobs and lip injections, and doing other things with their bodies and faces to make themselves look objectively less attractive or downright ugly?

– I would submit to you that it’s mostly the men’s fault, and the fact that it’s socially unacceptable for men to “judge”, i.e. to criticize or at least discourage women from destroying their natural beauty. Just pull up any photo of any overprocessed woman on social media, and go over many of the comments on her page. Usually, all of those comments will say that she is beautiful, and there will be no mention, let alone criticism of her destroying her own physical self whatsoever, unless she did something truly extreme to herself. This is true even if she looks like a mannequin already.  I understand – no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings especially if it’s a total stranger, but the end result of this lack of judgment is not pretty – literally and figuratively. 

I also wonder how many guys, who start dating an attractive woman, oppose any of her ideas to get (more) tattoos. I bet not many dare to say something, because they don’t want to risk having that woman in their life, whatever the nature of that relationship might be.  Judging gets bad rap and for a good reason, but it appears that in this case judgment is much needed to avoid further uglification of women. Judging doesn’t mean being rude or mean. It can be done in a constructively way and privately, especially if you wish to talk about this with someone you know personally and someone who you otherwise like as a person, and you simply want to stop them from hurting themselves and making themsleves look less attractive.

Otherwise, if no one says anything, nothing will change. Women will continue ruining their looks, believing that what they are actually doing to themselves makes them look more beautiful, because again – no one is saying anything to them. 

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