The Right Path To Meeting Quality Women Online

meeting quality women onlineIn the era of continuous bitching about all the downsides of online dating, we mustn’t forget that complaining about dating apps, all the annoying online attention whoring that we witness, and men’s repeated frustration with inability to meet great women online are not going to change the “bottom” line – the results. And it’s certainly not going to make online dating go itself away. It’s here, and it’s here to stay and expand.

I believe that like with just about anything else in life, when it comes to our online dating experience, we must deal with all the negatives, while leveraging and making the most out of the potential and unique advantages that the online dating world provides us with. Below, I would like to discuss four unique benefits or opportunities that online dating affords men that can help you maximize your chances of meeting a special woman online, if you are looking for a serious, long-term relationship:

1. Your Online Dating Profile Is Your Opportunity To Make A Great First Impression And Immediately Stand Out From The Rest  

What does your OkCupid, Match, or Tinder page say about you? Do you have high quality pictures posted that suggest to women that you might be an interesting guy worth meeting and getting to know, or do you have a bunch of cheesy gym or bathroom selfies put up that make women nauseous as soon as they see them ?- It’s time to take a hard look at your photos and ask yourself whether the high quality women that you want to meet are intrigued by them or go “eww” as soon as they open your page. This is not so much about your looks or your muscles; it’s about your “look”. Do you look like a guy who is serious about his life, or do you look like a douche who is trying way too hard to impress in all the wrong ways?

What about the content of your page? – Do you communicate to women that you are at least literate, and that you have a few interesting or funny ideas to share in writing in a coherent way with proper spelling and punctuation, or do you write like an elementary school kid, who doesn’t know how to put a complete sentence together and puts a smiley face after every other word? Remember, the first reason you got hooked on everything Roosh is doing is his captivating writing style. This is also one of the more effective ways to capture the attention of the best and the smartest women out there. And by smartest, I don’t mean aggressive, or corporate or ultra-feminists. The truly smart women would never fit into those boxes. They know better, and believe it or not – they are still out there. You don’t have to write a masterpiece or sweep women off their fee with the very first paragraph, but take the time to come up with someone at least somewhat creative. Consider the following unique way to describe yourself an inspiration for your own ideas on how to come across as someone with a great sense of humor, and someone who is worth meeting way more than another guy who talks about “having fun.” Even though the text below was written by a woman, it should give you one specific idea of how you can stand out from the rest.

“2oz New England pragmatism; 3 dashes California outdoorsy wanderlust; 1 splash Asian attention to detail; 1 tsp feminine wiles; 1 dollop of good humor; 1 slice of creativity, w. caramelized edges….. A delicious concoction unlike any other. You can’t just have one!…” 

2. A Unique Opportunity To Find And Meet Great Women That You Would Have Never Met Elsewhere 

Like great men, women who would be uniformly considered “keepers” are a small a minority out of the general female population. It’s not good news or bad news. This is just how it is and it won’t change – certainly won’t change for better. I would imagine that the likelihood of meeting a great woman online is at least as high as anywhere else. And, judging a woman by the way she writes and expresses herself is by far not the worst, but might just be one of the best ways to assess your compatibility with her. As you read different profiles, some will bore you, others will irritate you. However, there will also be others that would make you want to respond and find out who the person is behind the thought provoking lines you read. It’s not a guarantee that you will like her, but it’s a good start.

3. Stand Out From The Rest From Your Very First Message Forward 

Do you know how when you pick up and open a book at a bookstore and start flipping pages, you expect to read something that will capture your attention right away, or you will put the book right back on the shelf and pick up a different one. This very much applies to dating profiles and first messages that women receive on any dating site or app. As you surely well know by now, women receive dozens of messages a day, and it’s so important not to do what almost every other guy does. No more “hi”, “how is your day going?” or “what are you up to?” lame, weak type messages. Instead, your very first message should be at least somewhat interesting and different – something that would make her immediately think “wow, he is different.. he actually has something interesting to say, he clearly read my profile and wants to know more about me as a person. Look at her page and comment on something that she wrote.  Agree or disagree or offer an alternative idea. If all else fails, ask her where her exotic was taken and what she enjoyed the most about that place. Don’t be afraid to be random. Anything is better than “how are you?” One of the easiest ways to say something interesting is to to see what her hobbies or interests are and then ask her about one highlight of her engaging in those activities. For instance, if she likes hiking, you can ask: “what has been your most memorable hike so far and what made it so special?” or , if she likes reading, just ask her about what she is reading now or  ask her about the last book she read that she liked.

4. Speak With Her On The Phone 

I know no one speaks on the phone anymore, but his is good news for you. This is your opportunity to, again, stand out from the rest and come across as a more confident and compelling guy. You exchanged a few interesting messages online. You might have engaged in a fun banter that made you really intrigued about her, and you believe that the feeling is mutual. Call her, speak with her. If you enjoyed exchange written messages with her, chances are you are going to have fun speaking with her on the phone. Then, ask her out the “real” way. If she deserves it, she will appreciate it. This will be so much more fun than setting up your date the dry and boring way by taking when and where to meet. The benefits of speaking on the phone with the woman you met online are so many and they simply cannot be overstated, as I mention in one of my live streams.

Contrary to what many men believe, due to their continuous frustration with meeting women online, meeting quality women online is possible, but it does require raising the level at which you present yourself to women and communicate with them.

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