Five Basic Rules for Texting Girls

(Last Updated On: 08/28/2015)

texting-tips-for-guys1. Don’t Text Too Much

If you are texting the girl you are interested in all day throughout the day, you are really increasing the chances of her starting to take you for granted and falling into a friends zone or simply feeling burdened and annoyed by your excessive messaging. As witty and interesting as your texting banter might be and as tempting as it might be to continue it throughout the day, you must know when to stop and attend to the other things that you do with undivided attention.  When you keep texting over and over, you communicate to her a strong and bad message about yourself  – you don’t really do anything important with your time and life throughout the day and therefore you are always available to text. This tip sounds obvious, but many guys fail to follow it, and then they wonder why that girl they have been talking to suddenly stopped texting – it’s because she simply got tired of it.

2. Don’t Send Empty, Pointless Text Messages

Empty text messages are the ones that invite idle talk about nothing: “how are you?”, “hi”, “how is your day going?” If you don’t have any interesting, funny or informative to text, then don’t, at least not until the attraction is established and these things no longer matter.  Every text message should have some purpose – it should either show that you are smart/interesting or funny, or both. The other days I saw a girl receiving a text message “cute photo” in response to sending a picture to a guy. It sounds like a harmless response, but at the same time – it is so empty. It is not charged with any useful information or wit or humor. I bet the guy could have said something more interesting and less generic about that photo. I believe the photo she sent him was of her standing in the middle of a a jungle like area. He could have easily said “This looks like as far away from the ordinary as possible. Do you wish you were there now?” or something like that.

3. Never Ask Her to Text You Back

Contrary to what some guys think, girls don’t miss text messages. As you surely know very well, most of them are glued to their phones day and night, and they are in constant contact with their friends. Just look at any girl that walks by you on the street or sits anywhere – if she has a free moment, she will be checking her phone. We all do this, but girls do this more than guys. In the unlikely event she missed your text message and didn’t respond because she forgot, it’s her problem; not yours. Girls only “miss” and “forget” about those messages that come from someone they don’t care about and don’t really feel like talking to.

If you ask her out and she says she will get back to you by text about her availability and she doesn’t, don’t follow up with her on your own, because that will look really silly. Again, if she forgot to get back to you, it means that she is either a total airhead, or not interested in you or both. Either way, you should move on without looking back.

4. Texting Should Not Be a Complete Substitute for Calling

Don’t do what so many other guys do who never call and only text. Pick up the phone and talk to her at least every couple of days. If you like her, you should enjoy hearing her voice. And if she likes you, she will be delighted to see that you know better than the rest oft he guys out there. And if talking to her on the phone sounds like a waste of time to you (or her), this means that you aren’t that into each other – at least not into each other’s personality.

5. Use Emoticons Sparingly or Don’t Use Them At All 

Unless you are still in a middle school, your use of smiley faces should be minimal. When you text something that’s obviously funny or witty, it will have a much greater impact if you don’t chill the effect of it with “:)” or “lol”. Not to overanalyze this relatively insignificant issue, but these smiley faces are like little requests for validation. It’s almost like every smiley face says “I am trying to be funny… I hope it works.”  Reserve those symbols for when it’s really not clear whether you are joking or not, which should be extremely rare anyway. The worst way to use a smiley face is to put it at the end of the text that’s not even meant to be funny: “How are you? lol”  or “How was your day? ;)”  It’s ok for girls to do that, but guys should never end a non-funny, non-sarcastic text with a smiley face.

Follow the above five simple rules for texting girls, and you will do much better at coming across a guy who is more interesting, attractive, and different from others.


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