Actual Example of Meeting a Woman Online and Exchange of Messages

Below is a profile of a woman that I responded to, our actual e-mail exchange, word for word, and a link to our real first phone conversation. This can be a very useful example for you on how to use humor, sarcasm and banter to attract women and how to come across as a confident and a fun guy when talking to women!

Dating Profile Name: Jn

“I am caring, compassionate, objective, funny, determined, arrogant, easy-going, giving, nostalgic, sure, positive yet realistic, loud, outgoing, interesting, mellow, basically all-around decent person and good friend to have. I try to keep it simple. I don’t enjoy people who take themselves too seriously. People like that are more of a joke to me than people that hide behind humor. What I miss more than anything since moving to the area is having guy friends to call up at any moment just to chill, I miss dating, I miss the chase, the distraction that is the male species! If you can supply any of the above, there is a demand here! =)”

My First E-mail:

It’s funny that you call yourself arrogant. Few if any people have the audacity, the b-lls and the honesty to say that even if it’s true. I wonder if this means that you are one honest woman – not only with others but with yourself as well, which is at least as important. So… how is her majesty spending these chilly days and evenings?

Her Response:

It’s funny. You like how I misspelled “arrogant” huh? haha! I jsut typed that intro on th efly. I am glad you appreciate honesty. I ma pretty much an open book. I have no shame in my flaws because everybody has theirs. I am very much into owning my sh-t! So I expect others to do the same! To tell you the truth, I read your intro and the first thing I thought was, “wow” agressive!” I am all for blunt honesty, but I definitely believe in the golden rule. I like to be respected. But opinions are like noses, everbody’s got them! I am a very objective person, so I like to ask a lot of questions, no topic is really off limits for me past a certain point in a friendship. Sorry you didn’t ask for a novel, but hey! haha!

How am I surviving the cold days? I am a workaholic…. I stay indoors! haha! What area do you live in?

My Response:

Hey, Jn. Damnnn… you do not seem to be lacking in aggression yourself. I wonder if I can handle it…. I guess I hae to start woroking out more and pump up my “guns” :).

Yes, I would hate to blend in here by writing another neutral / boring / trite stuff. If that’s what this whole thing is for, then why even bother?

No shame in your flaws? That’s an admirable quality, although I wouldn’t know much about it, because I am perfect.:)

So, what’s the drive behind that strong work ethic of yourse – upbringing? Genetic predisposition? Divine inspiration? Or… a little of all of the above?

I live in the midtown, how about yourself?

Her Response:

Wow! You hit the nail on the head! All of the above…. my parents cam to the U.S. when they eloped as teenagers. They never took help from anyone or took government aid of any kind. Just good ol’ fashioned bust-your-ass and they never complained. I like to take pride in everything I do, so maybe it’s genetics and divine inspiration all rolled up in one!

I am glad you are perfect. Less work for me! haha! I live in the south area. I bouth a house there in early October. I loooove Midtown; it’s so cute!

My Response:

I like hitting the nails in the head (get your mind out of the gutter). Wow, you have quite an interesting background.

So, how is living in the ghetto treating you? 🙂

Indeed, midtown is cute but still far from being a real city for better or for worse. Perhaps another 100 years…

Hey, I have an idea. How about we have a real conversation. I am sure it will be even more fun than writing. If you agree, let me know how I can reach you in the evenings, and I will give you a call.

Till then, behave!

Her Response:

Ok. Well, I am definitely open to talking on the phone, so give me a call… I am usually available after 6 pm at ( ) ——-.

My Response:

Cool. I will try to reach you tonight or tomorrow night. You have been warned!

First Telephone Conversation:

I kept the girl on the phone a little longer than usual just to include more examples of the things you can say to a woman when you talk to her on the phone for the first time in order to come across as a funny, interesting, and a confident guy.

Listen to that conversation here

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  1. Not bad dude

  2. Hi, here is the thing. I recently broke up with my gf or better yet she broke up with me. Honestly, I cant blame her. Anyways, I tried to start conversations with women in person and online but cant seem to get very far. The women I’m interested in are not interested in me.

    After listening to your phone conversation with this women, I realized that I’m really not an interesting person! I definetly can’t talk to people like you do and especially females. Your comment about guys that play video games and drink jack Daniels really struck home with me. I thought to myself, he is talking about guys like me! Not including that I smoke tons of weed.

    I am ready to start a change in my life. I want to be fit, quit drugs. Quit video games! And I guess less jack… And I want to be a generally more fun, interesting person that can hold a conversation with an attractive women for more than a minute!

    If you have any advice or just a pointer for me, I would greatly appreciate it.
    PS I’m 25 years old. Work security and taking part time studies. Oh and still with parents, sort of…


    Thank you, and good question. One reason I kept the conversation long was because I thought about posting it and wanted the guys on here to have more information and more examples to learn from.

  4. Wow, that was very impressive. I wish I was half as smooth as you are. I have definitely have made some progress on my cocky/funny recently, but definitely need a lot of work on it. How do you do it so quickly? You just come up with these jokes on the spot.

    My real question though: why do you keep the conversation so long? It was clear after 2 minutes that she was laughing and having a good time and you could probably have set up a first date. Isn’t that the purpose of calling her? I know we should set up some rapport to get her comfortable before getting down to proposing a meeting, but that can be done in ~5 minutes? How long do you think is normally needed for “small talk”? You stretched it for 40 minutes… I don’t see myself able to do that 🙂


  5. practicalhappiness.c

    Hi, Dan. Thanks, and great question. I have to say that I am not nearly as creative as it might look. Here is the deal, after you learn by observing others and coming up with your own stuff, you will notice that lots of the conversations repeat themselves. Lots of questions and comments from women are the same (although not all, of course), so once you respond to something in a funny sarcastic way and you see how it makes a conversation fun, it will get stuck in your memory, and that might just turn into your natural, spontaneous response in a similar conversation in the future.

  6. Arkady,

    I listened to that phone call, and you are indeed "he-larious". I was wondering though, how you came up with conversational pieces so quickly? I am by no means a genius, but I have enough intelligence to get by. My one weakness though, seems to be that I can never respond in a random/rapid succession like you do/did. I also find it interesting how you weren't too concerned with pushing the boundaries of this person. I listened and made some snap judgements/assumptions (yea I know…) about "Jn" before the first minute was over. At first, she seemed a bit cold to you – but that changed before too long. Also, I was impressed at how you handled the part where she tried to tell you she wasn't interested in you/you wouldn't like her (near the middle of the call).

    Sorry for the long comment.



    Thanks, Michael.

    My favorite tip for guitar players or other people who have a very admirable skill is to not advertise it. Instead of telling a girl that you play a guitar, don’t even mention it, but once she comes over to your place or once you find her near your guitar for some other reason, just pick it up and start playing. It’s even better if she asks you to.

  8. This is really good stuff man, you are naturally a very funny guy.

    Were you like that as a kid or have you kind of got funnier as you've got older?

    I'd say that I make people and girls laugh quite a lot, but i find that when i'm with quite a few guys in a group with girls then i tend to naturally become quieter, though if there's less people i am usually the dominant one in conversation and making the jokes.

    I also have another advantage that i play guitar and can sing popular songs that girls love and that's always a winner, but i'm naturally not really a kind of alpha-male person so i dont dominate when other guys are around.

    do you have tips or stuff like that for me?

    thanks for your help,


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