One Way of Being an Independent Woman That Will Push Guys Away

independent woman feminismSome women believe that one way to demonstrate that they are free and independent is by constantly reminding the guys they are dealing with and who they go out with that no one can control and no one can tell them what to do. These women do the opposite from what the guy might ask them to do in the most trivial and unimportant situations just for the sake of showing that they can. Having your actions governed by the impulse to do the opposite just to prove how free you are is hardly a genuine freedom. This kind of behavior rather makes you look like a victim of your own past and is hardly flattering.

I remember going out on a date with a girl who at first appeared soft and kind. When we walked into a bar, I said “Let’s sit there”, to which she responded “No, let’s seat on the other side”. I followed her without assuming based on just one instance that she was that kind who would do the opposite just for the sake of doing the opposite. However, after a few more episodes of that behavior on the same date, I had to ask her whether she was refusing to do what I asked on purpose. She proudly admitted that she was on purpose acting that way, because “no one can order her around” and because I was not her dad. Considering that this kind of attitude is one personal pet peeve of mine, I cut the date short a few minutes later.

I have not done my research yet, but I am pretty sure that many other guys will find that kind of “independent woman” attitude a major red flag, and a sure sign of ultra-feminism to stay away from. When your actions are governed by the desire to prove that you are free and independent, rather than by the actual freedom itself, that’s exactly the point where you show very clearly that you are not at all free or independent. A truly free and independent woman does not need to prove anything to anyone, just like a truly confident guy doesn’t have to prove anything to any woman he is dealing with.

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