Why Older Men Prefer Dating Younger Women

(Last Updated On: 08/06/2014)

older guy younger woman bruce willisTo most, if not all, men the answer to this question is way too obvious, but not so much to women. Dr. Phil, among others, has been sugarcoating the reasons why older men prefer to date much younger women for years in his shows about dating, relationships, infidelity, etc. Of course, he is not the only one who has been withholding the uncomfortable to hear truth. All kinds of false explanations have been advanced – psychological problems, childhood neglect or abuse, stress at work, etc… Every possible reason except the real reasons has been discussed in shows and popular magazines, when the true reasons are so obvious and so simple, even if they are at times hard to hear and accept:

1. Younger Women Are More Attractive Physically and Sexually

This reason is beyond trivial. Everything about a younger female body, skin and face is more attractive and sexually desirable to a guy. Although other factors, such as personality, character, etc., come into play and determine the overall attraction and chemistry, all things equal – a younger woman is far more desirable because her body and face are tighter and smoother. It’s not a good thing or a bad thing. It’s just nature. I just wish that we learned to become more comfortable with admitting and accepting this. If you are a woman reading this, it should not be hard for you to relate to this preference. Just ask yourself whether you would rather date a 35 year-old guy or a 65-70 year-old guy, and why. While younger women often want to date an older guy, assuming that older men are more confident, know what they want and are more established in more than one way, sexual attraction and elderly age simply do not go together.

2. Younger Women Make an Older Guy Feel Younger and More Alive  

A younger girl leads a certain lifestyle and talks about things that her generation cares about. When an older guy finds himself in her presence, it makes him feel or at least it gives him an illusion that he is part of that younger world. A woman in her 20’s is more likely to convince an older guy she is dating to go out clubbing or doing something else active. She might even introduce him to her friends, who are of her age. When that older guy steps into that world, it makes him feel younger as well, and that’s a great feeling to have, however temporary it might be.

3. Being With A Younger Attractive Woman Is a Sign of Status and the Flashiest Trophy There Is

Showing off a young attractive woman is much more fun than showing off just about anything else, including Rolex, Ferrari, etc… Let’s face it – and older guy (or any guy) gets more looks from other guys (and from women) when he walks around with a hot girl, than when he drives by in a sports car or when he wears an Armani suit. Surely some people will judge him and will call him a nasty old man, but others will be admiring him and will even be jealous of the fact that he gets to be with and have sex with that hot young girl. Being with a much younger, attractive woman also suggests to the outside world that the guy is wealthy. While you might think that being perceived a sugar daddy is embarrassing and humiliating, that’s not how those who qualify as sugar daddies  feel about it. They feel that the pay and they get value in return – the company of, and sex from, an attractive, younger woman.

Ironically, there are also compelling reasons as to why a younger guy would want to be with and date and older woman.

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