Example of the Differences between Alpha and Beta Guys

(Last Updated On: 09/15/2014)

Even though this example is not completely realistic, and the “beta” in this video is quite confident, what every guy needs to pay attention to in this video is the general attitude of the alpha guy v the beta. For alpha, approaching and talking to girls is a daring and fun act. His demeanor also suggests that he knows that he is attractive and he has something to offer. It surely is easy to feel that way if you actually have something to offer. The beta, on the other hand, seems to act and talk like he is asking a girl for a favor, which always the wrong approach. After all, a woman can only be attracted to you for who you are, how you act and the value you bring to her in term of emotional, and intellectual stimulation; not because you are nicely asking her to go out with you or spend time with you.

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