The Best Way to Approach Women In Bars and Clubs

the best way to approach women in bars and clubsA whole industry exists out there focusing on advising men on the best way to approach women in bars and clubs. In large part, the industry is so successful because bars and clubs are indeed challenging places for guys to meet women for at least two main reasons: (1) women have their guards up because of the stigma associated with meeting guys in bars, which means that you will face an initial skepticism or a “wall” when trying to talk to a woman at a bar; and (2) it is hard to find the words to open a conversation at a bar as the environment is not conducive to making an observation about what is going on. A typical guy sees many attractive women at a bar, but never approaches any of them because he simply doesn’t know what to say to open a conversation even when he gets signs of interest from a woman, such as eye contact and smile.

Instead of battling the above obstacles and trying to figure out how to overcome them, there is a much easier and far more effective way to approach and meet women in bars and clubs, and that is through a female friend. Make at least one great female friend, whose company you enjoy and who likes to go out. Ideally, she would be someone single who does not mind making new friends. Then, when you go out together, you can simply point out a group of girls and ask her to strike up a conversation with them. It is much, much easier for a girl to strike up a conversation with another girl, because the dynamics of that conversation will be completely different – your female friend faces no rejection or the guards that a man would face in her place as women do not have guards against other women (unless you are at a lesbian bar).

Your friend will have a conversation with the girls for a few minutes and if she likes them, she can simply gesture you to approach and introduce you to one or more girls. This will completely change the way you are perceived. You will be completely skipping the initial barrier, you will have the immediate approval of all the girls, as you must be safe if you have a female friend, and you will not have to “hit” on anyone. You can simple talk to one or more of the girls and figure out if there is a mutual interest between you and any one of them.

Frankly, I am surprised that more guys do not do this, and prefer to simply linger around women, staring at them and trying to figure out how to start a conversation with them night after night, instead of short-cutting the whole process and eliminating that phase altogether.

It is important that your female friend doesn’t tell any of the girls that you are actually interested in meeting one of them. Most women consider a guy who is unable to approach a woman on his own and needs a third person to start a conversation to be a sign of unattractive insecurity. Your female friend must open a conversation to just be friendly and social without having any apparent agenda of hooking you up. After all, whether you meet someone you like or not, she might make a good friend or two among all the girls she is talking to.

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  1. Great advice. Meeting women in bars can be tiring. Making female friends certainly helps increase the flow of women in your life…

  2. practicalhappiness.c

    I think one of the mistakes that both men and women make is creating rules about the appropriate v inappropriate places to meet people. The quality woman you would be interested in or even fall in love with could be anywhere at any given moment. Like you, she goes grocery shopping, buys clothes, fills her gas tank at a gas station, goes to school, work, bars and goes clubbing once in a while.
    Unfortunately, many, if not most, women need to feel both attractive and comfortable in their environment in order to be more open to meeting guys. Some places that make them feel particularly comfortable are house parties, live theatre plays, educational events (seminars, classes, etc…) in psychology, communication, etc.

  3. it is not that easy as you think it is. times have changed, and so have the women. the bars are not really a good place at all, since many of the women play games now. they are even so nasty to talk too, and have a very bad attitude problem. years ago, it was certainly much more easier. the women of years ago, had class as well. so where are the best places to meet good quality women today?

  4. Goal here: to get laid.

    ok, in a bar/club the ratio of guys to girls is at least 3:1. that instantly puts you in competetion with other males. if you are less than 5'6 tall, forget it ( i know its tough for a short guy to get recognized, unless you can dance really well..still for a short guy to get laid…tough..maybe build some muscle and show them off a bit).

    tip: try go for asian girls if you are short..they are more considerate and generally dont judge u on height like most white girls (its true!).

  5. Just wanted to say you make some really good points.

    Also, I was wondering if you know a place where would be a good place for me to meet girls. Reason I am asking you is because I am 18, not in college(i work a lot). Other than that I go to the gym, but that is not the best place to meet girls since everyone does their own thing.

  6. Easier said than done! If only I had a female friend to go out with as my winggirl, I would do this!!! But no, this never works!!! I cant get anyone to go out with me!

  7. Thank you really really much. A lot of advices say that, during the first minutes of interaction, it is necessary to talk a lot, avoiding a lot of questions.
    Arkady, they say that there is a way to obtain good results in every interaction. If you can, I would like to know your opinion about pick up artists. I don’t know if there is a way for obtaining a friendly behaviour everytime.

  8. practicalhappiness.c

    Good question! Yes, a lot of the advice makes it sound easy but it's not. It's not supposed to be. Think about it – even if you were approached by a girl out of the blue, you would be flustered and wouldn't know what to say for a few minutes. You cannot expect a friendly attitude right away, especially at a bar unless the girl is really drunk (of course many people drink for exactly that reason, to eliminate the social awkwardness which is natural). I think you did everything right except your questions were mostly calling for yes/no answers rather than being helpful to opening a conversation. Next time, try to be a little bit more persistent, but if it's obvious that the girl just wants the conversation to be over, then let it go and finish it. If you don't feel welcome, there is no reason to stay and impose yourself.

  9. Hello, Arkady.

    Yesterday I was in a club with a friend of mine and I tried to find the courage to approach the bartender, a beautiful blonde girl.

    I finally found this courage and approached her with a soft approach: "Excuse me, is Roberta Viscovo (I invented a random name) a friend of yours?"

    I hoped that a conversation starded, during which I would have been cordial, genuine, socially generous, without any pick up guy vibe.

    Instead she replied with an hostile face: "No!". So I: "Have you attended a school called XX?" She: "No!" And I: "So, have you attended a school called YY?" She: "I have attended KK."

    Conversation ended: she didn't seem committed to the interaction. She immediately understood that my questions were pick up excuses, even if they were soft.

    I have tried to tell you this event by translating an Italian conversation in English. Sorry for my Italian-English.

    What is your opinion? When I read dating advices about approach, everything seems easy. But in the real life girls have a lot of barriers. They immediately understand your proposal, even if you are soft.

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