The Plain Truth About Gym Selfies

gym selfies on dating appsI don’t care who you are, where you live, or whether you are a guy or a woman. I don’t care how old you are and what your ethnicity is. Your gym selfies don’t add anything positive to your dating profile. They also don’t add anything good to your social media page, unless you are in the business of modeling and/or fitness, in which case you can professionally justify this behavior. 

Going back to the world of dating apps – at best your gym photos will be unoriginal and useless, or they will make you look like you are clueless. At worst and most likely – it’s going to make you look really lame. And, it doesn’t matter what you look like. If you are an attractive, fit guy, your gym selfies are going to make you look self-absorbed and full of yourself, and like someone who likely doesn’t have much to offer beyond your appearance. If you don’t have an attractive body, then your gym selfie is going to emphasize those attributes of yours that need to be de-emphasized, while you should focus on your more flattering qualities. A guy with an imperfect physique is surely going to look better in business-casual attire than in a tight t-shirt and shorts. If you are a hot girl, your gym selfies will make you look like a high-maintenance, attention-seeking, social media influencer who posts thirst-trap photos for fun, or someone who is downright fake and a dime a dozen. Undoubtedly, there will be a group of guys simping for you but any normal guy with any semblance of healthy self-esteem and dating experience will surely see right through all this. No guy in his right mind who is looking for a serious relationship is going to take seriously a woman who regularly uploads her workout photos. And, the more sexually suggestive these pictures are, the more skepticism they will provoke in men. And, if you are an unattractive woman, then your gym selfies will make you look out of touch with the reality of what you look like and downright delusional. Either way, you can’t win no matter what, if you are looking for any type of serious attention that will have the potential of a romantic relationship. 

Finally, allow me to remind you of the power of one negative detail. Let’s say you post 5 pictures on your dating app profile, and only one of them is a gym selfie. That picture alone will likely be a red flag for many people who see your profile. Many of them will make the above assumptions and justifiably so. So, you don’t have much to gain by posting these gym selfies. Just about any type of other picture will be more flattering and will make you look better. 

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