An Angry Comment about Whether Guys Are Attracted to Successful Women

angry comment from a woman about whether guys are attracted to successful womenToday, I have received a common from one of the readers to the posting about whether men are attracted to smart, successful women. To me the fact that the writer responds that way to the posting is a clear indicator of how many obstacles she will have in her interactions with men unless a fundamental shift in how she perceives the dynamics between the sexes will take place. But hey, this is just my opinion. I thought I would share it and see what all of you have to say about it. Enjoy the read and thanks a lot in advance for your input. 😉

“”I really hate you.

“Telling a guy that you are not interested in having kids or spend any time in the kitchen will hardly earn you any points with a guy who is serious about finding a romantic partner”

Shouldnt women be honest upfront and dissolve any preconceived notions that men have about them staying at home to cook meals for them like some kind of servant? I really hate your sense of entitlement that the most important thing a woman is able to do for a man should be the ability to bear his kids or make his meals. What about sharing the financial burden? Paying half the mortgage? You stupid self-entitled idiot. Yes im calling names, but be glad im not using expletives.

” Your behavior, mannerisms, voice and general demeanor are quite important to your being an attractive and desirable woman to the opposite sex”

Oh so being softly spoken, demure and unassertive is the way to go? What are women, objects used to validate your masculinity that yes you earn more / know better than women?

” In other words – a typical “in-your-face” attitude that many professional women often acquire is repelling to most men, and so is complete abandonment of traditional values.”

And what is wrong with this so called in-your-face attitude? Your words “repelling to most men” and “complete abandonment of traditional value” seems to suggest you are a narrow-minded bigot who is so insecure that even though women can know better / are smarter than men, they must not assert it so that you can feel better about yourself? Whereas you seem to be happy and completely fine with coming across as more aggressive and assertive towards women etc.

I think you need to open up your narrow world and stop being threatened by women like me who can speak up and cut you down. And it is the biggest insult ever that you are essentially calling me undesirable and useless as a woman because I have a sharp tongue or I can argue with you until your head spins. Just because I’m assertive, confident and dominant does not mean I should change my ways to better increase my chances of finding a partner. It is YOU that needs to change. If you think smart, assertive women are stronger but should hide it and come across as something they are not, then deep down you know they are stronger than you. Why should the strong change to cater to the weak? You fix yourself, or get a dumb unopinionated mate. But I pity you, because you would never know what it is like to have a woman that you can trust to help you fix your mess, to stand by your side in battle and hold up half the fort, to understand the difficulties and corporate challenges you face and provide you with strength like no other.

P.S. I dont have high hopes for you though because you probably have no idea what I’m talking about if you’re writing about women like this. Battle? Fort? I am referring to relationships in the high-end political or corporate sector. If you are a common man earning less than six figures, go figure. haha.””

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  1. Vulnerability is strength.

  2. Nothing is further from truth. It takes incredible strength to be feminine, especially these days when femininity is being attacked and equated to weakness and subservience.

  3. I kind of noticed it too from the women here. They see being feminine as weak.

  4. Well said. Being strong and being smart doesn’t have to be loud and obnoxious. Wisdom and strength are most attractive when understated.

  5. A woman who is soft and delicate can also do a lot of things. I don’t need to look and act tough to prove other people about… stuff.

  6. He will not be crushed by her masculinity, he will be crushed by her nastiness.

  7. How funny, the type of guy this girl will date will be crushed by her masculinity and be an innocent crying gerbil until he either balls up and leaves her, or ends his sad cowering life. I’d choose leaving her, after I get a weird masculine lesbian 3 sum out of the way that she so desires.

  8. This sounds typically like someone who loves to pick a fight and then tries to pass it off as being assertive. Just one more man-hating amazon who swears that if you’re a guy, you’re automatically useless.

  9. student and teacher

    Seems like a typical gender studies student enrolled in Feminism 101.

    Most women actually don't mind at all being traditionally feminine. And they like their man to be masculine. They don't want a man who is emasculating himself to please the 10% of women who are feminists.

    I'm not here to bash peoples beliefs. Some people are more conservative or liberal minded than others and we are all different. I think the author of this site certainly could have articulated what he meant about women to become more feminine in a better way but I don't think he is a bigot at all.

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