The Right Words to Use to Meet a Woman!

Too many guys believe that there are some magic words out there using which will allow them to approach and meet any woman in any situation without feeling anxious or having the risk of being rejected. These guys spend a lot of time and many resources trying to find what those special words are.The reality is, however, that it does not really matter what you say! As long is what you say is not utterly stupid or rude, or cliche, it will be an appropriate way to start a conversation with a woman. What matters much more is HOW you say it. Your facial expression, your voice, your posture, your body language and mannerisms are what  will determine the impression that you are making on a woman who sees you for the first time. If your frame of mind is solid and you are convinced that by approaching a woman you are giving her a compliment (because it is a compliment) because you are a great guy to meet and an interesting company to spend time with, if your voice is clear and confident and you sound like you are proud of what you are saying to her, if your posture is friendly and non-imposing, suggesting that talking to another person is completely natural to you, then any words that you start your conversation with will work. “How is it going?” with a slight smile will go along way! Don’t forget that the purpose of the first words you are using with a woman you want to meet is very limited – you just want to break the ice and start a conversation. Your appearance, body language and demeanor, however, will tell a woman you are about to talk to a whole story about you in the first few seconds that she sees you, and that’s why it’s so important that you work on those parts of your personality rather than on the words that you are using.

So, work on those other elements of your approach which are far more important than words and don’t worry about the exact things you should be saying to the women you want to meet, because anything you say might work or may not work depending upon all other elements of your approach that are far more important than words.

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