Two Effective Ways to Turn Her On Sexually Outside of Bed

passionate lovers having sexIt’s your second date after a great first date where you were really into each other. Maybe you just spent a night or two of having incredible sex and you can’t wait to see each other again. Or, maybe it’s your first date that goes really well, and you feel that magnetic energy toward each other, even though you barely know each other. Chances are that the girl you are out with must have watched a lot of movies and read a lot of romance novels that created all kinds of romantic/erotic fantasies in her head. But how do you amplify that sexual tension between the two of you even further? How do you make the experience of flirting and getting closer to each other even more intense, more special, and more memorable?

1. Tell Her What To Wear  Before You Are Meeting Her or Going Out on a Date With Her

Women love to be told what to wear by the guy they like. It makes them feel as sexual objects but in all the right ways. And if she likes you,  she wants nothing more than to be sexually objectified or rather – sexually worshiped by you. When you tell her what to wear, you implicitly share your fantasies with her, and you also communicate to her that she is the one that can make your fantasies come true because she is that attractive and that sexy. And a woman who feels sexy is a woman who is sexually aroused and ready to be taken in a way you want to take her.

2. Turn Her On and Make The Experience Unforgettable By Doing the “Wrong” Thing at the “Wrong” Time

Amplify sexual energy and show your confidence by showing to her how much you want her at the most unexpected time instead of waiting till you end up in your bedroom or hers, like everyone else does. Of course, you shouldn’t be faking your desire, but you should also consider acting on it at the very time you feel like acting. Are you walking in a secluded area together, such as a quiet street or a park. Stop in the middle of your walk, grab her and put her against a wall or a tree and start kissing her.  Are you hugging her at a public place? Gently and discretely slide your hand down and under her jeans half way while kissing her. Turn her body away from you so that you are facing her neck, lift her hair, touch and kiss her neck gently. Do you find yourself walking up the stairway at a hotel or some other building really late at night? Who said you can’t play with each other while there? If watching her walk up the stairs turns you own, and you can do things to her without being caught, then go for it.  It is going to be as special and exciting to her as it is for you, as this doesn’t happen to anyone too often.

And the more experienced the girl you are with is, the more she will appreciate your unique ways of seducing her, because she knows from her personal experience how rare your approach is.

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