A Woman’s Sense Of Humor Says A Lot About Her

woman's sense of humor There are many ways to categorize women. One very important, yet rarely mentioned way to do that is by a woman’s sense of humor and attitude and response to dark humor and sarcasm.  One type of women is entertained by it. For them, sarcasm in a man is a sign of wit, perceptiveness, and life experience, (unless of course it goes overboard and turns into extreme negativity, which is depressing to everyone). These are the women who need the banter to feel that chemistry with the guy that would make them want to see him again and again. For some women, a guy who is unable to be or to enjoy being sarcastic at least every now and then can even be a deal breaker. To them, a guy who is never cynical and/or sarcastic is simply boring to be around. From my observation, the smarter and the more educated among women are the ones who crave sarcasm the most.

The second type of women is the exact opposite. These are so called uptight women have very low tolerance for dark humor, sarcasm, or politically incorrect jokes. They are trying to insulate themselves from anything remotely sarcastic or cynical. They will usually perceive your sarcasm as negativity and you as being too judgmental. They not only don’t enjoy dark humor, but they find it to be rude and depressing. A joke that would make the first girl laugh and come back at you with a witty banter of her own, will do nothing positive to your interaction with the second uptight kind.

If you are looking for a girl to potentially develop a serious relationship with, you need to ask yourself this very important question  – what type of women you prefer to deal with and just as importantly – what type of women would find you more attractive – the ones who enjoy dark humor or the ones who are turned off or are even offended by it?

I, for instance, am by nature very sarcastic. I couldn’t count the amount of women I offended with my arguably inappropriate jokes jokes. I have known since a decade or longer ago that about 60% of the women would be turned off by my humor. The other 40% will probably be ok with it, and only a small percentage of those women will enjoy my kind of jokes and will dish out the same back to me.

If you are like me, you are not going to enjoy dealing with an uptight woman who can’t relate to your kind of humor. No matter how hot she is, you will know that you are missing something in that relationship, especially if you have dated girls who dig your kind of humor before. That’s what you call chemistry, and once you know what it feels like to have it – it’s hard to downgrade to something less. And guess what – that uptight girl is not going to enjoy your company very much either. You may choose to act like someone who is super “pure” and free of any sarcasm, but you are not going to last long.

A sarcastic guy and an uptight girl are not going to be good match for a long-term dating or serious relationship, except for those rare instances where the girl recognizes that she is a little too uptight, and she is actually looking to date someone who will help her loosen up and become more easy going.

Imagine you go out on a date with a girl. It’s raining. At the end of the date, as you walk her to her car you tell her and a semi-playful way: “Drive safely. The roads are wet and there are lots of women in the road driving.”  There will be women who will laugh and lovingly smack you and will say “I know… those women… whose idea was it giving them a driver license in the first place”. Others will not appreciate that comment at all, and will express their displeasure in a more or less obvious way.

You may think that a person’s attitude toward dark humor and sarcasm is not when it comes to determining whether you are overall a good match, but I wouldn’t underestimate the importance of this kind of connection. A woman’ s ability to relate to your kind of humor says much more than just that. It’s also a sign that you look at life and the world the same way, and that you like and dislike the same things. You admire similar things and you have similar pet peeves. And we all know how important these things are.

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01/27/2016 6:39 pm

“you look at life and the world the same way”.